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Isaac - -145 days ago
I miss you Beans

Trika - -955 days ago
10 years gone and I still carry your Tiger Eye with me. I hope you are jamming with all the greats in Heaven. xxoo

Trika - -955 days ago
10 years gone and I still carry your Tiger Eye with me. I hope you are jamming with all the greats in Heaven. xxoo

Aunty Doreen - -955 days ago
How quickly the years go by and now it is #10; we think of you so often as your memory is precious in our hearts.

Tasha - -1164 days ago
Matthew- we celebrate this Saint Patrick's day with you close at heart. Your interest and love of your Irish heritage was always so authentic, and I have the fondest memory of sharing a Kilkenny with you while discussing this history. Tonight we toast the Irish in you (us) and enjoy the wonderful memories that you have left of this occasion (and so many others). Although not physically present, you, uncle Matthew, are an active participant in the celebrations (and mundane) of our lives. We love you for continuing to touch our souls in only the way you can. Slainte to all!

Mom & Dad - -1320 days ago
Matthew your memory is as dear today as it was 9 years ago. Nothing can ever take away the love we hold for you. We miss you every day and you will always walk with us.

Together forever in God's Love.

Trika Nelson - -1320 days ago
Seems like forever ago we chatted, Bean. Missing you.

Aunty Doreen - -1320 days ago
Our thoughts are always so with you my dear Matthew.

Kenton Cornelson - -1320 days ago
Today the photo with the poem Because I Fly appeared on my computer and I remembered it has been nine years since you left us. I think this was a message because i have over 20 000 photos in my screensaver folder that play in random order. Thank you for being an inspiration to be the person we want to be. I think of you often and still see and feel the love and warmth you shared.

Kenton Cornelson - -1686 days ago
Eight years have gone by and I still think of you often. I believe you made this world a better place

Mom, Dad, Tasha, Jonathan - -1686 days ago
Matthew was so very special and will always live on in our hearts; as those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day.

Forever loved and missed by your family and friends.

Aunty Doreen & Family - -1686 days ago
We think of you so often and have such dear memories.

Gailene & Neil - -1809 days ago
Hi Sheldon - Matt is always with you. Don't give up hope as you know his encouraging words would be "you can do it". Love to you all. The Bienert's.

Sheldon - -1823 days ago
Thinking about your smile and silliness today for some reason...cause I'm having a crap day, and you always rose above, and sometimes I just can't seem to do it. Say hi to Blair for me if you see him around would ya?

Jen & Adam - -1873 days ago
Happy birthday, Matt. It's an unsurpringly glorious day outside in Calgary. Of course your day would be bright and sunny. Big hugs and lots of love!

Trika Bear - -2050 days ago
Trika Bear
It has been 7 yrs since I lost one of my best friends in this world. Bean, I think about you everyday. Words will never be able to describe how much I miss you. I know you are looking down on all of us (family and friends) with your larger than life smile and keeping us all safe. xxoo
¡ª with Mike Fazzalaro, Russel Hill, Jerry Johnson

Mom, Dad, Jonathan & Tasha - -2050 days ago

Today is Thanksgiving Monday and the day we have set aside to reflect on the many things to be grateful for. How precious to have had you, Matthew, in our lives for such a short time. You left many precious, loving memories that will always be remembered. Yes, we thank God daily for his gracious gift in providing us a son/brother that is always with us in Spirit. We treasure the Christian belief and realization that we will all be together one day at God's appointed time and according to his plan. Thank you Matthew for showing us how to live with empathy, kindness, love and dedication. You did this so well and because of this the people and world around you is a better place.
Eternal Love

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Cara & Peter & the kids - -2051 days ago
Today we remember the amazing man that Matt was and how he touched all of our lives in so many ways...and we wish with all our hearts that our kids could really know him as they grow older. we miss you Matt and there isn't a day that goes by without a thought of you in your gentlemanly, sweet way... we love you always

Jen & Adam - -2238 days ago
Sending big hugs your way today (and everyday) Matt!

Jen & Adam - -2343 days ago
Merry Christmas, Matt! Big hugs and lots of love!

Jen & Adam

Jen & Adam - -2416 days ago
So thankful for you today, Matt. Missing you and loving you lots!

Trika - -2416 days ago
As time passes, the sting of losing someone you care about also fades but it never goes away. When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a wonderful treasure to always hold in your heart. Six years have passed and I have still hear your laugh, Bean. You still live in my heart every day. I miss you more than words can describe. I miss you forever and always my friend.

Aunty Doreen & Family - -2416 days ago
We think of you so often dear Matthew, the memories are forever and so cherished
Love Aunty & Family

Jerry - -2602 days ago
Happy Birthday Buddy

Eternal Love - Your Family - -2602 days ago
We had a great celebration on your Birthday Matthew. This day - known as the "Twin's B'day" is a special time of love, laughter and sharing of many stories. We know you are always with us.

Aunty Doreen & Family - -2603 days ago
Our thoughts are with you dear Matthew not only today but so many times during the year.
Love Always
Aunty and family

Dion Beier - -2603 days ago
Just wanted to say a quick hello Biens and Happy Birthday! Missing you buddy! I know you and John are closer than ever but probably more so this day. See you on the other side dude! :)


Jen & Adam - -2603 days ago
Happy Birthday, Matt!

We think it's no coincidence that our daily quote calendar yesterday said, "Keep 'em flying".

We couldn't agree more - it's a beautiful day for you to be soaring through the skies.

While you're always there, April 9th is one of those days when we can't stop thinking of you.

We love and miss you so much.

Cheers to you, and your amazing light.


Jen & Adam

Aunty Doreen - -2777 days ago
We are so thinking of you especially on this day.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

How quickly the time goes by but Matthew is with us so often.

Saw the write up in your paper. Nice

Jerry - -2781 days ago
5 years can go by so fast but somehow feel like forever. So much has changed but still missing you man. Wish my kids could have met you.

Jen & Adam - -2781 days ago
Matt, today is one of those days when you wake up and the memories flow with a sense of urgency. You're always there. Always. But today the visions of you with an unshakeable smile come more often and with more intensity.

Your drive. Your dedication. Your passion. Your light. Your amazing ability to make everyone around you feel incredibly important and special. Your love. Always your love.

Five years is a lifetime and a day. A flood and a drop in a bucket. An eternity and a second. Just yesterday we gave you the first hug. Just yesterday we said goodbye. But you're always there. Always. You're the perpetual guide. The never ending source of inspiration. The unwavering lesson that will never be forgotten. In how to live. In how to love.

Compassion. Understanding. Strength. Perseverance. Love. Above all else there is love and there is kindness. Your love. Our love. It's still there. It will always be there.

Thank you for being a constant in our lives. Thank you for being a purpose and a reason and a spark. Thank you for the honor of being touched by your life.

An amazing, unforgettable life.

An amazing, unforgettable man.

Jen & Adam

Christie, Craig, Tessa, Joshua, and Annika - -2781 days ago
How much we miss Matt can't ever be something we could try to describe. How much we love Matt is something with so much power, and so much gratitude, and so many many feelings. This love has never changed and will always be true, and real, and warm in our hearts. We are humbled by Matt's life and what he continues to teach all of us We are filled with gratitude to have Matt a part of our family every day......especially when the skies are a beautiful pink or red in the morning or evening and his nieces and nephew smile and get excited about what treat it is that Uncle Matt is baking for them, brownies, cookies, banana bread, or maybe even peanut butter cookies. We love you Matt xoxo

Trika - -2781 days ago
I can't believe it has been 5 years already Bean. Thanks for all the great memories you left me with for my heart doesn't grieve as much. Missing you, hugs.

Russell Hill - -2798 days ago
I have a photo of Matt that hangs on my wall the second day we met. I would like to send to you what is your address? It reminds me of being a better person and to always smile. He was so positive in everything, and never met a stranger. His kindness and love are an inspiration to me everyday still. Even now he is gone I want you to know the profound effect he had and still has on my life. Matt saved me from how he used to say "giving in and letting go". My life is richer and better for just having the luck to have known him.
Best wishes to you and your family.
Russell Hill

Jen & Adam - -2829 days ago
Matt, we are thinking of you and Laurie today. Such a beautiful day. So many great memories. We love and miss you. Thank you for being such an amazing man, friend & husband to Laurie. You are always a welcome presence in our daily thoughts. Happy anniversary to you and Laurie.

Mom & Dad - -2967 days ago
How amazing you are Matthew to have left us with so many special memories. Thank you for that. Your birthday was once again full of laughter and many Matthew stories were shared. You have given us many gifts in life but the most important gift is the new found spiritually that we found through you. You've left us with a clear recognition of what is important in life. These gifts we are grateful for. God's promise reminds us that we will once again be united. We will always walk together Matthew.

Jenny - -2968 days ago
Today is one of those days I am so grateful to have had and continue to have you in my life. Today is a happily sad day. Happy to have the memories, sad that they are simply memories and no longer a reality. Thank you for continuing to guide my life through your example. You will never be forgotten because you simply cannot forget someone as inspirational as yourself. You lived your passion, something not many people are brave enough to embrace. I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to share in your light. We all love and miss you, Matt.

Jenny and Adam - -2968 days ago
Happy Birthday, Matt! We love and miss you :)

Christie, Craig, Tessa, Joshua, Annika - -2968 days ago
Hey Birthday Boy :) Our hearts are full of your fantastic smile today. The sun is shining exactly like your eyes do for us. We miss you so terribly and miss having you here with us to celebrate your day. Happy Birthday Matt / Uncle Matt. xoxo

Jerry - -2968 days ago
Happy Birthday Matt! Miss you man!

Trika - -2968 days ago
Happy birthday Bean. Miss you my dearest friend and still think of you often. Big hugs!

Warren L - -2969 days ago
Happy birthday Matt. Still think of you often and use your testimony with the kids I work with. Miss you.

Jenny - -3147 days ago
Today the memories become a lot more vivid. Although we all think of you throughout the year there are those days where the thoughts come a lot more often. I always loved fall. Now it reminds me of you. The vibrant colors, the excitement of a new season, the optimism in knowing you still have some beautiful days before the snow stays for the long haul. It all reminds me of you and your spirit. I think one of the reasons you touched so many people was your honesty. You never pretended to be someone or something you were not. We can all learn from you to be a little more genuine, I think. Honest with ourselves and honest with one another. I guess most people have "New Year's Resolutions", I have "Matt-ist Resolutions"! The way you lived your life is always an inspiration. Thank you for sharing it with us :)

Christie, Craig, Tessa, Joshua, Annika - -3147 days ago
The power of the heart is so amazing to us, and we are so very thankful for that. Our hearts will always remember the way your whole face lights up when you smile. They will always remember the patience you had for these little guys and how it sounds when you smile. The memories of the time we shared here together are some of our most cherished memories and we are so very thankful they can never be taken from us. we live everyday with you in our hearts, we are feeling even more love from you today. Your amazingness will always get us through any of our tough moments. Because of your strength, YOU will forever be our rock. We love and miss you so deeply Matt.

Trika Nelson-Kalmes - -3149 days ago
Hey Bean....I always get goosebumps on a daily basis this time of year thinking about you. I miss chatting with you and I hope you can hear me when I do. I miss you and think of all our fun times at UND often....Hugs.

Dion Beier - -3193 days ago
Hey buddy, thinking about you today. I came across this song that was played at your service, Amen Omen, and it struck such a cord with me with ever since. I love you and miss you Bean. See ya on the other side bro.

Jenny - -3288 days ago
Matt, every morning and every night I try to wake up and go to bed thinking about all the things in my life I am thankful for. A recurring thread in this practice is the fact that I am thankful for all the people in my life who support, love, and influence me. You are definitely one of those people. Just wanted to say, "thanks"!

Bob-o - -3333 days ago
Celebrating your birthday for you and with you Matty. Its a good day my friend.

Jerry - -3334 days ago
Happy Birthday Buddy!

Jenny & Adam - -3334 days ago
Matt, today is such an emotional day for all of us. We continually experience happiness at having known you, and despair for having lost you, and today those emotions are especially strong. We will always take time today, and every day to appreciate the joy you brought into all of our lives. We love and miss you. May you always have blue skies and that famous smile.

Jen & Adam

Skimmings Family - -3334 days ago
This day is one of the very most special days of our whole year. Without this day we would have never come to know and feel your love. We would have never heard your laugh or seen your smile. Without this day our hearts would never have been full. This day brought us one of our greatest gifts - your love Matt. We will always know that love. This day gave us you and we have you forever.


Craig, Christie, Tessa, Joshua and Annika

Jenny - -3405 days ago
Just wanted to say, "hi". I've been thinking about you a lot lately...even more than usual. You continue to inspire me to do great things every day. Your light shines on in all our lives.

Isaac - -3452 days ago
Merry Christmas Matthew and all those that come here to connect with you and remember you.
"So Zeke your really going to pass on Hawaii for Spokane?
Guess you couldn't talk me out of every dumb idea I had. Miss you buddy. Thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends missing you this Christmas

Warren Lavender - -3452 days ago
Miss you Matt.

Mom & Dad - -3454 days ago
Somehow writing to you makes it feel more real that you are with us this Christmas as you always are. It's a time to reflect on love and the true meaning of what Christmas is all about. It is the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and what he meant to you and to all of us who believe. We love you and miss you dearly. Your memories are forever cherished.

Dion - -3510 days ago
Hey Beans. I can't believe it's already been 3 years. I think about you all the time and when I figure I need the extra strength, I ask you for it. I always find comfort in knowing that you are up there looking down on me, watching over me and keeping me safe. I still look forward to when I will see you next. Take care buddy,

Thinking of you always...

Kelly Laird - -3512 days ago
We are missing you too Matt. And Laurie - we think about you all the time and miss you too. Our thoughts are with your family today and always.

Jerry - -3512 days ago
Missing you..cheers!

Jenny - -3512 days ago
It seems fitting that today is a gloomy fall day...the weather fits the emotion of our hearts. However, just like your optimism always prevailed, Matt, the sun is still trying to shine through.

You still motivate me constantly in so many aspects of my life. Your ability to persevere despite the odds makes you a true hero. I'll never forget all the amazing lessons you have taught me. Missing you lots today and everyday...

Bob-o - -3512 days ago
Missing my best bro, hope you continue to have clear skies and a favorable tailwind.

Pete, Cara, Benjamin, Arianna, Isabella - -3512 days ago
We love you and miss you like crazy, Matt. We wish more than anything in the world that you were here, with Laurie.

Craig,Christie,Tessa,Joshua,Annika - -3512 days ago
Last night when the kids were drawing some pictures for Uncle Matt, Tessa was explaining to Joshua why she was drawing her picture of Uncle Matt with red hair. "because Uncle Matt has red hair Josh." "Uncle Matt has red hair?" Matt, that baby Godson of yours is now three and so curious about everything in his world. Tessa is not going to let him forget about his very special Uncle Matt. All of us will never stop hearing your laugh and seeing your beautiful smile and feeling your hugs, (the one arm around our shoulder.) You will always be a huge part of our lives and we love you and miss you so much. Not a day goes by when we don't think of how you have touched our lives. We are so blessed to be able to love you and know you.

Trika - -3514 days ago
I can't believe another year has flown by, and I still visit this site with tears in my eyes. Not to worry though, I smile as well. I was just thinking of you yesterday and our trips with Rockabilly to Turtle River in the fall and rollerblading around campus late at night during the cool weather. I miss you dearly friend. Peace and love to the Bienerts.

Christie, Craig, Tessa, Joshua and Annika - -3560 days ago
This day will always be one of our very favourite days of the year. This special day represents so much love and beauty to us. Matt the love you showed Laurie on this day is love that we feel every day. It is a marvel.

Thank you for sharing your special day with us, we are still and will forever be very honored.

Love forever
Christie, Craig, Tessa, Joshua and Annika

Jenny - -3561 days ago
I remember going to bed 4 years ago on this night knowing my sister was going to be marrying such a fantastic person (and, of course, Matt was also!).

Matt, you were the calmest groom I have ever seen. You were so sure you were exactly where you were supposed to be.

Your amazing spirit is never far from my heart, Matt. I know you are proud of my sister. Thank you for always being there for her.

Isaac a.ka Ziggymorphus - -3572 days ago
Was reading messages others had posted and rembering. So much fun your niece's and nephew's must have had hanging out with their Uncle Matthew. So many fond memories of the hi-jinks in the Bienert home. I always chuckle when I think of the way you figured we should greet eachother when we reached our golden years. Such zeal and enthusiasm for life truly an infectious spirit my friend. Just now I'm thinking about the Candy Mountain Jonathan built on the kitchen table for the Gilbert children. Then he breaks into a serious line of questioning, as if he is oblivious to the giant mound of Costco size treats less than five feet away. The poor children transfixed on the behemoth of licorice, chips and pop can't answer a single question. Eventually Jonathan relents and lets them sample the Willy Wonkaesque junk food spread. I remember so many side splitting laughs like this, laughter is what I remember the most. Thanks for bringing me in and letting me be a part of that. My life is forever enriched for it. Miss you.

Hanyi Shu - -3657 days ago
Although you and I had not met, I know that you were a good and brave man, like your brother J. I pray that you walk in the path of light always.

Pete, Cara, Ben, Arianna & Isabella - -3699 days ago
We love you, Matt!

Jenny & Adam - -3699 days ago
Happy Birthday, Matt!

Craig, Christie, Tessa, Joshua and Annika - -3699 days ago
Today is a day of celebration that we are all so blessed to be a part of someone's world who's amazment is beyond description. This birthday set in motion countless lives to be inspired, blessed. loved and changed for the better. Matt, your birthday will forever be one of the greatest days in our family's lives. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Happy Birthday. We love and miss you so so very much.

Mom & Dad - -3699 days ago
Happy Birthday Matthew. We miss you every day and especially today on your birthday. Thanks for all the birthday laughs that we still enjoy. You will always be special to us and our Guardian Angel. Hugs & Love.

Bob-o - -3699 days ago
Happy B-day bro, miss ya.

Trika - -3699 days ago
Happy Birthday Bean! Missing you.

Jen - -3715 days ago
Been thinking about you lots lately, Matt. Just wanted to say, "hi!" Your presence in my life is a perpetual glow. Thanks for being so awesome!

Jen & Adam - -3804 days ago
Merry Christmas Matt!

Mama Su - -3876 days ago
Each time I try to write, tears come but words do not. Each day, I think of the smile, the gentle nature and the goodness of a great man, wonderful husband and terrific son-in-law.

Matt, you are so missed.

Wade - -3877 days ago
I can't believe how time has passed, I think of you all the time and know your are with me. Your friendship has taught me lots about who I am, who I want to be and who I want to be my friends. You are truly a person of outstanding character, honesty, and loyalty that I will always miss. I am thankful of our time together and will cherish all that you have given. Your friend always, missing you....till we see each other again...Wade

Boyce - -3877 days ago
Hey Matt. Although many moons have passed since you were with us, the sun shines everyday, for you. Your passing has had an incredible impact on my life. If death is what I think it is, then you know that already. So when ever I talk to you every other day, I'm glad your listening.

I couldn't imagine how anyone who got to see you everyday is feeling. i wish I could have. But, you've taught me to have no regrets, so I enjoyed the time we spent.

Much love to you, your Bro, your wife and your entire family. Our friends and I talk of you often. We talk about your greatness, and how much we miss you.

I can't wait to give you a hug man. I can't wait to see you and James. I just lost a buddy (brother really) to cancer, and I hope you all meet up. I can't wait to see you all again.

- -3877 days ago

MATTHEW BIENERT April 9, 1979 - October 13, 2007 Matthew, although we miss the warmth of your hugs, your presence in our daily life continues. Soft support, great love, and sunny smiles can be felt always, and we now understand this will never fade. Unexpected to us is how your death has taught us to live, and together our spiritual journey continues. We love this, and we love you. _ Jonathan, Tasha, Allan, Mom & Dad.

Angel, I wish I was admiring you living all your dreams and feeling sunrises the way you made them. With the strongest love, I am endlessly grateful for you, your tremendous spirit, and everything that can never be taken away. I miss you. I cannot wait to look into your eyes again and have more adventures with you. _ Infinite Love, Laurie

Trika - -3877 days ago
I miss you my dear friend..............hoping you are well up above.

Kenton Cornelson - -3877 days ago

Dear Matthew

Two years have went by since the good lord took you from us. You touched my soul then and the feeling has not subsided. I look at your picture or listen to music and I am transported in time. Your ability to inspire others will live on in all who knew you.

Jenny - -3877 days ago
I heard a great quote today, Matt:

"You are what you do, not what you say"

You were definitely a "doer". Whenever I feel like I've got it rough, I look to my shoulder, channel your strength, and feel blessed to have you looking out for me.

2 years is a lifetime. I also feel, however, that it was just yesterday that you walked into my sister's life, lighting up all our lives. Your smile, your warmth, your uncanny optimism in the darkest of times. I think it's safe to say you were an angel before you even reached heaven.

You taught me so much, Matt. I know Ben Harper was a favorite singer of yours. This lyric from "Blessed to be a Witness" speaks so strongly to me:

"So much sorrow and pain
Still I will not live in vain"

2 years ago I developed the mantra "see the good in everything, and everyone". I intend to make you proud, Matt. Until we meet again.

AJ - -3877 days ago
Matt was an an example to me of how a friend should be.

Sherry Tankard - -3877 days ago
A beautiful song and album.......

Comfort My People ¨C Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
adapted from Isaiah 40

Do you know
Have you not heard
Has it been told you from the first
Have you not understood
From the forming of the earth
He sits enthroned
Above the world
And sets the heavens like a tent
A place for us to live in
A place for all to live

Who has measured the waters
In the hollow of His hands
Do you know
Who has marked off the heavens
With the breath of His word
Do you know
Comfort my people
Comfort my people
Says the Lord

He brought out
The starry host
One by one He called them by name
Why do you still complain
That He doesn¡¯t know your ways
Lift your eyes
And look to see
Who created all of these
And never more complain
That He doesn¡¯t know your ways

I smiled at what inspiration Matthews life was... Matthews sparkle eyes and smile shall be embedded in our hearts forever....

All the best to Laurie and the Bienert Family

Love Bob, Sherry, Jenni and Kyle Tankard

Gail and Brian Gordon - -3877 days ago





Beth - -3877 days ago
It's rather incredible how two years can pass in the blink of an eye, and yet so much time has gone by.

The memories will always bring a smile and a tear.

Thinking of you, Matt's wonderful family (and friends).


Christie, Craig, Tessa, Joshua and Annika - -3877 days ago
For two years our family has had a very special guardian angel. For two years our family is reminded every day that all we have is this very momment right now, so make it count. For two years our hearts have been so full with love, encouragment and inspiration from one of the greatest man to walk this earth.

For two years our hearts have ached until they were numb. For two years we've cried out your name Matt, desperate for a response. For two years we hear your laugh and see your smile making very sure we won't ever forget them.

We miss you - we miss your face, we miss your hugs, we miss Laurie's laugh and bright eyes, we miss your stories, we miss it all. But we still have your heart, your inspiration, your love of life, your patience, your determination, your spirit and your love.

We know in our hearts that you continue to change the world, even though our world was shattered. Every person who has ever known you, knows they have been shown a better way to live their lives. That is your pride. You live in us all.

Christie, Craig, Tessa, Joshua and Annika

Bob Whitefeather - -3877 days ago
Matt still pops up in my dreams, from time to time, and each time we see each other its always the way I remember it: "Bean!" I say as I go to grab his hand in that "bro" kind of handshake, and I in turn receive his hand and trademark smile with "What's up Bob-o." It's never a sad moment, in my dream, just another time I see an old friend and it reminds me that he's always with me.


Christian Størseth - -3877 days ago

Still remembering the good times.


Pete, Cara, Benjamin, Arianna & Isabella Haar - -3878 days ago
Matt touches our hearts many times a day, in the reflections on a life so sorrowfully missed and in the wonderful ways he continues to influence our own lives. The memories are wonderful, the stories bring tears and laughter to our hearts. But mostly we just really, really miss Matt so much. We love you, Matt.

Stacey (Horwood) Gilkinson - -3878 days ago

I can't believe it's been two years now since Matt's passing ---- the celebration and honouring of his life by all of you has always made me feel like Matthew has never gone very far!

I recently went on Matthew's memorial website to double-check the dates and discovered that the audio of his memorial service is now on there. I hadn't found it before and immediately wanted to listen to it. It was absolutely riveting. What a salute and celebration and honouring of a very special life by his beloved family and friends. I was literally on the edge of my seat listening to Tasha speak and go through painful details and storytelling that was also actually so uplifting and beautiful. You, as Matt's family, held him up in celebration in such a loving and faithful way at his memorial, as you have also done each and every day since. I was absolutely blown away at the love given to and received from this young man!

Just wanted to let you know we're thinking about you all ......... and continue to be encouraged by your amazing son (and his amazing family!)

Stacey and the gang....

Christie - -3925 days ago
Today is such a special day. August 26th 2006 was truely a beautiful day.
Matt, thank you for showing me just how much a person can be loved. The way you love Laurie was never more obvious then on this day three years ago.

Isaac Blackstaffe - -3960 days ago
Matthew I often come to this site for strength and solace, to connect with my memories of you and with the many people that loved you. Dion's post today really resonated deeply with me, as I too use your memory and lessons you taught me, to guide me through rough times. My dear friend I am struggling today, I let addiction back into my life about six months ago. I'm sure you knew that was my incubus before I did. I will never forget your remark to me "Zeke you find a pair of boxing gloves at the bottom of every case beer". Well I used those gloves to beat the crap out of myself for ten years. Ten years that most certainly would have been better spent strengthening the bond we had forged.
On June 10, 2006, I made choice to get sober and better my life. Although my ego, pride and addiction robbed me of growing our friendship, you and your family have a place in my heart that no earthly force can ever tear away. As strange as it sounds one the of biggest gifts of my sobriety, was I able to say goodbye to you that autumn day.I made promise to you that day and I have kept it with all my resolve.
Matthew I am three days clean and sober today, and it is harder than I ever remembered it. Jonathan has been helping me with positive words, and wise ideas, love. He told me abit about your recovery, and painful rehabilatation from the injury to your arm. You inspire me so much, I know if I can summon half the strength and humility you showed throughout your life, I will once again be sober and free.
I miss you every day and feel your precence every day. I will never be able to express my gratitude for the time we spent together in words. All I can do try and be a better person in this precious time I have on this earth. Until we meet again my dear friend. God bless. Zeke. I'll figure out how to post a John Butler song one of these days.

Dion Beier - -3960 days ago
It's been a little while Matt. I still think about you all the time though and ask for your strength and courage when going through rough moments. I take comfort in knowing you're with us today in spirit.

Never forgotten...


Zeekerbaby - -3987 days ago
I am listenting to an an Austrailian folk singer, John Butler, very gritty, pretty sure you would like it. Miss you bro. Love Isaac

The Gilkinsons - -4062 days ago
April 10, 2009
Bienert Family

We feel privileged to have gotten to know Matthew, even though it came mostly after his passing. What a tribute it is that Matthew continues to inspire even those of us who did not get a chance to fully share his life on earth, yet through all of you we feel as though we did. Thank you for keeping his memory alive for the rest of us, so that we too can be touched by a life so well lived. Thinking of all of you....

Gloria Horwood - -4062 days ago
April 10, 2009

Although I can only wish to have known Matthew longer I can truly appreciate what a great person he was now that I've come to know his wonderful family, and especially his sister, and my lovely daughter-in-law, Tasha. His loss has been devastating to so many. but his spirit uplifts everyone. Ever in my thoughts and prayers, Gloria
Gloria Horwood,
Delta, British Columbia

Christian Størseth - -4063 days ago
A belated happy birthday wish from Norway


Jenny - -4064 days ago
Happy, Happy Birthday Matt! No doubt God thought you were special. Why else would he choose to have your 30th birthday so close to his own special day?! Love you lots!

Christie, Craig, Tessa, Joshua and Annika - -4064 days ago
The big 3 0 - Oh boy will stars shine tonight! We love you and miss you soooooo much Matt and Uncle Matt. We will toast to you all day, while we remember all your birthday memories.

We love you lots,
Christie, Craig, Tessa, Joshua and Annika

Trika - -4064 days ago
Happy Birthday Bean and Jon! I hope it is a good one. Missing you gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time I saw or spoke with you, it's one day closer to the next time I will.

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. ~Claudia Ghandi

All my best to Laurie and the Bienert Family!

Bob-o - -4064 days ago
Happy birthday Matt and Jon :) Matty, I miss you every day bro: Jon, I hope you have a great day, cheers!

Benn Snider - -4081 days ago
And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right
hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he
that liveth, and was dead; and behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and
have the keys of hell and of death. Rev. 1:17, 18.

- -4087 days ago
Happy St Patrick's Day Matthew. Our trip to Ireland with you, Jonathan and your Mom are the best memories ever. Miss you

Love you
Uncle Garry and Aunt Sandra

Jenny - -4090 days ago
Just wanted to let you know you are an excellent guardian angel Matt! Thanks for looking out for all of us!

P.S. Ben Harper's new album comes out in May and his first single is called "Shimmer and Shine". He must have heard about you ;)

Jarvis Nicoll - -4097 days ago
Bean, I havea funny story to tell!
I miss you!

Bob-o - -4164 days ago
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Matty and the Bienerts! Gailene, thanks for the e-mail updates and pic. I think Russell needs a shave!

Wade - -4229 days ago
Matthew, Its hard to believe a year has passed by, and I honestly can't think of a day that you were not in my thoughts. Everyday I realize more and more the impact you have had on my life and how truly deep our friendship was. I miss it more than words can describe. In two months Im getting married and the hardest part has been wanting you there to stand beside me, (like always) and to share the most important day of my life with my best friend. I know you will be there in spirit and in our hearts. As I can see now, your nod and grin of approval. That same same signal we shared on your day that simply means "Yep you did it, your happy and Im proud of you".

Carmen Gittens - -4236 days ago
It has been so profoundly moving to read the beautiful reflections being shared here. Matt¡¯s life is continuing to bring love and change to so many people.
Laurie, the words you wrote are so beautiful. My most heartfelt sympathy and prayers are with you and your families during this difficult time.
Love, Carmen

Russell Hill - -4238 days ago
To all matt's family I just wanted to drop a line and let you know what a profound and positive impact matt left on my life he helped me change a lot of things about myself that I would not have ever gotten around to by myself.He was a great role model and I miss him and think of him often. I am sure matt is still watching all of us and helping us out when he can! Oh and 1 more thing since I know your still with us matt I wanted you to know I started flying again for me and for you. It only took six short years to get that private pilots license but you were right it does feel great!

Your friend,
Bama if any of you don't have my contact info

Michelle Weaver - -4238 days ago
Last weekend I travelled through the Icefields parkway between Jasper and Lake Louise. Many times during the drive I was thinking about Matthew. The view on the parkway is amazing, always changing with the light, and snow. I pictured the heavens looking like that and Matthew flying amongst it all. My thoughts and prayers are with Matthew's family, we miss him greatly. Laurie, like Mindi said I am here for you as well.

Mindi Oaten - -4240 days ago
I can't believe it has already been a year since Matt has passed. My thoughts and prayers go out to Matt's family and Laurie. Laur, I think about you often...miss you. I'm here for you anytime.
During this time of Thanksgiving, I'm thankful I had the privilage of knowing Matt, such an amazing person. I had another friend pass away in August, I'm sure Matt has made him feel at home in heaven with his smile and kindness. Miss you Matt.

Bob Whitefeather - -4240 days ago
Greetings to all of Matt¡'s Family and friends. It took me a couple of days to try to put this down into words, I wanted to get this message just right. Like many of you, it seems to me scarcely a year since my friend left us. There are times when I come across something interesting, funny, or weird, or if I hear a good new song, I tell myself: I should tell Bean-o about this. In that infinitesimal second, I forget that he's gone from here. But then I still tell him, knowing in my heart that he will still hear me. There are also times in my life that show me that he has left an indelible impression upon me. Now I'm not sure when I started to do this, but I have seemed to have picked up his quirky sense of humor. There have been times when I behaved in a certain way, I realized that that is the way Matt did things. If I see a squirrel or rabbit giving me a look, I'll chase him, you better believe. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I hope I do him proud. Matty, I miss you everyday, I love you, and I can't wait to see you again.

Dion - -4240 days ago
Wow, it's hard to believe a year has already passed. Not a day goes by Matt that I still don't think about you and the times we've had together. I only wish that I will become even half the person you became in your too short life. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your two beautiful families. Miss you buddy...

Ben Laird - -4241 days ago
It's very hard to believe that it's been a year since we lost Matt. And what a tremendously difficult year it has been. I lost my mother exactly 4 months ago. Both losses are profound and were experienced FAR too early. Laurie, Kelly and I have been thinking about you all these months and look forward to the day when we can spend some time together again. We understand that you need time to heal, and you have every right to take all the time you need. But just know that you have a circle of friends who love you very much. When you feel ready, we can't wait for the day when the phone rings and we hear your voice on the other end. We saw both of your families, yours and Matt's, at the tree dedication in Fish Creek recently, where we chose a tree for my mom, but we were feeling too fragile to approach anyone. Our hearts were with you all on that day. If I may, what I've learned from all of this is if there's anything positive that we can take from losing the most precious people in our lives, it's that WE are still here, and have the power to be the very best people we can possibly be. We can affect the world for the good with every choice we make. This is the legacy that I try to create and embody every day because I feel it's the best way to honor the memory of the people who gave us so much and helped us become who we are. I take a lot of comfort in that, as well as the fact that I wouldn't realize this at all if this awareness hadn't been given to me in the first place by someone who cared enough to give me such a gift. The gift of empathy. The gift of conscience. The gift of awareness. The list goes on. The joy of being human is when we can bring something good to the world that has been emblazoned on our very souls by someone who loved us. Whether it's kindness, patience, sympathy or even something as simple as a smile, all of these things are a testament to the people whose memories we carry. Believe that the pain will ease. Believe that there is love in the world. Believe that you will feel joy again. Matt's good, kind hand will continue to help guide your decisions. And because of that they will be the right ones.

Andy O'Brien - -4242 days ago
Matt- I can't believe that it's been a year, and I truly feel blessed to have been a part of your life.

Uncle Don & Aunt Vi - -4242 days ago
A year has passed since you left us, Matthew. At the rising sun and it's going down we remember you. Love Always.

Neil, Gailene, Jonathan, Tasha, and Allan - -4242 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

It was so nice for us to get together at Tasha and Al's place in Naramata to celebrate and remember Matthew on this Thanksgiving day. It has now been one year since Matthew left this earth to be with his Lord and Savior. At times it seems like just yesterday.

During this weekend many stories and warm memories of Matthew were shared. Today, October 13, we remembered Matthew in a very special way. There is a beautiful spot next to two cascading waterfalls nestled in the mountain canyons near Tasha and Allan's lake house. We built a large memorial out of rocks at the base of the waterfalls and each of us wrote a special message to Matthew that we tucked under the rocks. We also made a large arrangement of colourful autumn leaves, flowers, branches, berries, and pine cones to place on the memorial. The location is such a serene, peaceful, and uplifting setting. It reflects so much of Matthew and the beauty of the landscape and outdoors that he loved.

We truly feel that Matthew's spirit is with each of us daily. Matthew will always be deeply missed. His memory, love, spiritual example, and legacy will comfort us always.

Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to make a reflection on our lives and the direction we choose to take. Tough times make us appreciate even more, the many things we are blessed with and often take for granted. It is through love, hope, and belief that you will find peace and meaning in this beautiful world.

God Bless you all.

Pete, Cara, Ben, Arianna & Isabella - -4242 days ago
While sitting on the grass at Edenbrook today, we watched the planes fly overhead and cried. We can't describe how truly sad and lost we feel on this day. Matt brought out the best in all of us and we continue to try our best to live a life he would be proud of. Our hearts break for Laurie and the Bienert family. Today we're so sad...sad for what we miss about Matt the most... his friendship, love, honesty and integrity that makes him the wonderful man we have the honor of knowing.

Craig, Christie, Tessa, Joshua and Annika - -4242 days ago
Matt and Uncle Matt,

Althought the year that has passed has not deminished any amount of the void that is here without you, it has allowed us to honor you by living a beautiful life full of spirit, excitment and love. (you made it seem so easy.) We miss you everyday. We love you everyday. We thank you for everything you are to our Sister and Aunty. Our world is forever blessed to have you with us.

We love and miss you very deeply.

Kelly Laird - -4242 days ago
Laurie - My heart is with you today and every day. I am so sorry you have to go through this. We saw Matt's name when we were planting our tree at the memorial forest, so we will be sure to visit Matt's tree too. Know that we are here for you.
Matt - We miss you! I hope you've been loving the clear blue skies and beautiful weather. Perhaps the rainbow I saw the other day had something to do with you.

Jenny - -4242 days ago
Matt, it still boggles my mind the amount of strength and positivity you possessed. I can say with certainty that I have not come across many people that are able to turn the most negative of experiences into positive successes. Your level of determination, patience, and optimistic outlook is something I hope to one day possess. Thank you for loving my sister so profoundly. Your light shines on in my life and in so many other lives you touched. Blue skies bruddah!

Christian Størseth - -4242 days ago
Hi Matt. I just want you to know how appreciated our college days together were. Truly an amazing friend and confidant. Peace and Love.

Trika - -4242 days ago
I still think of you often, and miss you dearly. I hope your family has started to find peace in your passing.

- -4243 days ago
Hey Matthew,
Miss you my friend.
It's always so hard to find the right words.
Thank you for sharing a drink with me before you carried on, I'll never forget it. I've always considered myself lucky for this fateful meeting. What a great and memorable evening, thank you.

My thoughts and condolences to both the Bienert and Sukovieff families, as well as to all those who were blessed in being able to call you friend; my thoughts are with you all as we celebrate Matthew's life.

Remembering you with laughter, tears and smiles,

Dad, Mom, Tasha, Jonathan - -4262 days ago
Hi Matthew - McInnis & Holloway planted a number of trees at Fish Creek Provincial Park in Calgary in living memory of loved ones who passed away during this past year. On Sunday Sept. 14, 2008 a ceremony was held and attended by approx. 4,000 people. We choose a beautiful strong Colorado Spruce tree on your behalf Matthew. We know you'll love the location as it's close to the Bow River where you loved to go trout fishing. It also relfects your passion for golf as the tree is facing a new golf course with lush greens and a man made lake with a spectacular fountain.

Christie - -4290 days ago
Happy Anniversary Matt. All day I have been remembering that beautiful day you shared with Laurie. I am honored to have whitnessed such beautiful love on a day I will remember forever.

Jenny - -4300 days ago
Matt, I had to tell you about a client I work with. He is constantly giving me the double thumbs-up with a huge smile and I guess it just reminds me of you because he seems to see the sunny side of life. Everyone at work keeps telling me I can always tell him to stop if it gets annoying, but, I figure, who am I to tell this guy to stop showing the world he is happy! You're always on my shoulder, Matt, and I'm still working on seeing the world through your eyes, big smile and all!

Isaac and Nadia Blackstaffe - -4321 days ago
Went to the Airshow in Lethbridge today,you were in my thoughts as I watched in awe. Made me think back to the pure joy in your eyes when you were telling me about your first solo. What an inspiration, to be your friend, as you began to realize a life long goal. Laurie, Bienert and Sukovieff families you remain in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless

Trika - -4331 days ago
I had a good laugh about you today Bean....there are these crazy squirrels that are domesticated at a Site I work at. Everytime I see them I am reminded of how you used to jump out of moving vehicles to chase after the crazy squirrels on campus.....just being your silly self. I miss you and think of you often!

- -4350 days ago
I still look at this website on a daily basis. For some one I had only met a few times you sure made an impact! Laurie, Neil, Gailene, Jonathan & Tasha - you are thought of daily.

Isaac Blackstaffe - -4355 days ago
Not a day goes by that I don't think about you buddy. I remember the late night chats in the garage with the various creatures of the night. Knowing first hand the strength of the Bienert family and your close walk with God, were my only comforts in those first couple of days. The laughter, love, and respect of the Bienert household, I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you my dear friend for allowing me the chance to be a part of that. Jonathan when you called me your brother on the day we celebrated Matthew's life, it was the greatest compliment I've ever been paid. I miss you more than words can describe Bean. Fly by Lethbridge once and awhile my friend, a couple of "Heritage Boys" will be watching the horizon. Thinking warmly of you and your family, the one you dubbed "Zeek"

Mom - -4367 days ago
Matthew, you have so many true friends that continue to warm our hearts. Thank you for leaving them with so many great memories. We love hearing their stories.

Bob Whitefeather - we've been trying to locate your email address. Please contact us.

Bob Whitefeather - -4370 days ago
Just stopping by to say hi to Matt and his family. Missing ya bro.

Peter van der Velde - -4397 days ago
Matt instructed me on floats last summer. What a great guy and superb pilot. He never stopped smiling.
Blue skies Matt

Dion - -4427 days ago
Hey buddy, I meant to write something on your special day but you know I was thinkin about you nonetheless. Happy birthday to you and yer bro. Miss you lots....

Craig, Christie, Tessa and Joshua - -4429 days ago
Happy Birthday Matt and Uncle Matt,

This is such a special day. We are all reminded that on this day 29 years ago you began your legacy here on earth. We are all celebrating that legacy today with you Matt. Because of this day your life has touched so many other lives. Our gift to you is to keep that brilliant legacy alive. We feel your heart here with us, and our hearts are with Laurie, Neil, Gailene, Tasha, Al and Jonathon. It is very hard to get through this day without being really sad. It is even harder to get through this day and not be reminded of many celebrations past. All the special memories are priceless.

We love and miss you so dearly,
Craig, Christie, Tessa and Joshua

Jerry - -4429 days ago
Feliz Cumpleaños Amigo!

Jenny - -4429 days ago
Happy Birthday my brother from another mother. I hope you are having a wonderful celebration. I bet birthday cake tastes even better in heaven! Cheers to you, Matt!

Cara, Peter, Benjamin & Arianna - -4429 days ago
We wish more than anything that we could be celebrating with you today...we wish that you could be here for Lauren and it hurts so much to see that sadness and pain. You are dearly missed and our hearts are heavy, especially on days like today. Happy Birthday, Matt.

Bob Whitefeather - -4429 days ago
Happy Birthday Matt and Jon. There isn't a day that goes by for me that I think about you, Bean, for a moment or an experience that I shared with you, and it always brings me a little smile. I'll toast the both of you today. Cheers boys!

Trika - -4430 days ago
Lets see if I can get it right this....tomorrow is your birthday...I'll make sure to have a 'rye n coke' for you.

I'll never forget all those birthday memories at UND, and even after that at least talking to you every year on your birthday or near it.

Matt and I miss you so much, and Jerry and I speak of you every time we are on the phone. Our hearts are still and will always be heavy..........Luv, T-Bear

Melissa - -4430 days ago

Your loss still saddens me. I think of you often and wonder if you can hear me talking to you.

I finally got up the courage to listen to the ceremony and wish I could have been there. Friends who read this will probably wonder where all of this is coming from...since we havent spoke since high school and honestly...I don't know.

It pains me to think that your gone and although I know you are in a wonderful place, your passing really made me put my life into perspective. It is true what Lori's dad said about how you could always find the good in everything and everyone. This is something will carry with me forever. I feel truly blessed, as her dad also mentioned, that I am one of the millions of people on this planet that had the great fortune of being touched by your spirit.

You have given me a new look on life and remind me each day not to take things for granted. My faith is stronger then it has ever been. My son Carson and I talk about you all the time and look at your pictures often. He asks me questions about you...and flying, and it amazes me how your spirit can touch his life without ever meeting him.

Your Birthday is tomorrow and I will be thinking of you and Jonathan on this special day. I hope all of you are doing well and Tasha, that was the strongest, most beautiful speech I have ever heard.

I miss you Matt. xoxoxoxo

Christie - -4441 days ago
I have never stopped thinking about you Matt at any momment in my life these last five and half months. How you have impacted my life and how you and Laurie together have impacted my life. This time of year seems to belong so much to you though with St. Patrick's Day, Easter and then your Birthday and I miss you more then ever. I remember your birthday last year fell on Easter. Someone mentioned that at dinner and you giggled, smiled and said " yah, Jesus is always stealing my thunder." Your thunder can't ever be stolen. Matt you have brought so much grace to so many lives and you live on in everything you have given us all. Tessa misses you so dearly. She talks about how Uncle Matt is asleep in his blue and yellow airplane and often wonders if an airplane passing by overhead is her beloved Uncle Matt. Maybe a few of those times it was. We like to think so

We love and miss you more then words can express.
Christie and all us Skimmovieffs

Boyce Muirhead - -4442 days ago
As spring comes around, I always remember yours and Jons Birthday. Just can't seem to get you and James out of my head lately. I wish we could have seen more of each other before you moved on. To think about your charm and wit, reminds me how genuine some people are when you cross paths. I'm glad I crossed yours in our lifetime, and cannot wait to meet again.

I miss you. Much love to the Bienert family, Lauren, Jon, and everyone else.

Love Mom & Dad - -4452 days ago
Happy St. Paddy's Day Matthew.
Today we reflect upon all the good times and laughs we had with you while travelling in Ireland. Those are special memories that will always be cherished.

Nadia & Isaac - -4452 days ago

Isaac and I visit this site frequently and we treasure our incredible memories of you. We often discuss how to write something that truly captures how we feel about you & your family. We find it hard to capture everything we need to say, although I have some inspiration that I want to share with you along with everyone that loves you¡­

I¡¯ve been living in a new place since January and our balcony looks into the southern sky which cradles an old friend with a new meaning. My early flying days acquainted me with the ¡®southern cross¡¯ constellation and I remember being struck by it as the most beautiful sight in the sky. Many years later it is now in my backyard.

The constellation reminds me of your concrete faith and the sparkle of each star is a wonderful tribute to your personality and amazing smile. I can always find the cross and take refuge in the comfort it gives. It helps me feel connected to Isaac and all those that I love, and I am reminded that everyone that loves you has their own way of connecting with you.

Our father is very ill with cancer and doesn¡¯t have much longer to spend with us. My prayers are that his spirit will be embraced by a love like yours and every time anyone who has lost someone can look skyward (night or day) and know that they comforted by a higher power.

May God continue to bless you and your amazing family.

Love Nadia and Isaac Blackstaffe

TRIKA - -4460 days ago
Well looks like I am a month ahead of myself Beaners......I tried to listen to your funeral service today.....I couldn't even get past the intro.....I miss you.

Trika - -4460 days ago
Happy Birthday Bean. Still wishing you were here....I was just thinking about you the other you remember when you used to chase after the squirrels on campus???.....LOL!

Dion - -4465 days ago
Hey Matty. There's this certain song by Ben Harper I like to listen to. It was played at your service and I can't believe how much it really strikes a chord with me?! All the memories you've left me with...I miss ya bro...

Amen Omen, will I see your face again.
Amen Omen, can I find the place within to live my life without you.

Bob-o - -4490 days ago
Mahalo Matty and family! North Dakota is still pretty cold and snowy right now but I can see all of you chillin' on the beach soaking all of the rays. My heart is now warmed a bit to hear that my favorite Canadians are doing well!

To Our Loving Angel Matthew - -4491 days ago
We are presently in Hawaii and your presence is with us continually. We see you daily and have fond memories of you surfing, swimming, tanning, jogging around Diamond Head & hear your laughter on the beach. You have left so many memories for us to enjoy and we are so thankful for that. Aloha and much love.

Mom and Dad

Jenny - -4498 days ago
Matt, I think about you all the time when I come home from school and go past the Springbank airport. Whenever I see a plane I think of you flying with that big huge grin on your face. I definitely miss that warm smile, complete with the wink!

Doralis MacKenzie - -4506 days ago
Dearest Gailene and Neil, Tasha and Jonathan. I just heard yesterday, Jan .22 of Mathew's accident. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I wish I could of been there for you. You were so blessed to have such a wonderful son and brother. Please accept my deepest sympathy.

Dion - -4513 days ago
Hey Beans. I guess I wanted to come on here to let you know that I've been thinking about you alot lately but i guess you probably already know that. I really miss you bro and I look forward to seeing you again someday.

Christie, Craig, Tessa and Joshua - -4525 days ago
We recieved a digital picture frame for Christmas. On it we have our Matt card. We contiually play all of our pictures of you buddy. We see the pictures and still can't believe the reality. We also see the pictures and see a person who was and still is larger than life. Matt you have the most beautiful soul that radiates through the photos. It also radiates in our lives now. We love you so much and miss you unbearably, yet we are grateful for the graces you have given us. Because you lived, you have shown us a new world. As Tessa says all the time, we blow you kisses and Know you will catch them on your heart.

Jenny - -4528 days ago
Happy New Years Matt! We love you!

Bob-o - -4532 days ago
During the relatively short time I was Matt's friend, he seemed to be always going off with his family for another family holiday. And every time I awaited his return to regale me with his tales of his and Jon's shenanigans. To me, it seems to be true that redheads are a handful of trouble! To this day, I expect an e-mail, phone call, or to see him round on me and say, "Bob-o, you won't believe what happend..."
Happy Holidays Matty and I hope to someday hear some new tales.
luv Bob-o

Mom, Dad, and Jonathan - -4534 days ago
Merry Christmas Matthew.

A candle was lit in memory of you Matthew on Christmas Eve in the huge Gothic-styled St. Bartholemew Cathedral in Frankfurt. It looked so beautiful placed on a circular candle tree below a statue of Jesus in the front entrance of the church. We know you were with us to hear the pipe organ echo under those impressive arches along with the 1000s at the Christmas service. And we know you'll be with us on our travels to Egypt.

We love you and think about the laughs you always provided as our family travelled the world.

Jenny - -4534 days ago
It is interesting. A present that was given to Laurie today reminded me of the movie "The Princess Bride". A movie that my sisters and I used to watch over and over and one that I actually watched just a couple of days ago. There is a line in it that definitely struck a chord with me. Wesley said, "Death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it." I have never known a truer love than Laurie and Matthew's.

Matt was an amazing man in so many ways. I even said in the days leading up to his memorial that there were going to be so many people there not because of the fact that a life was taken but because of the way a life was lived. Matt you were the perfect "Wesley" to Laurie's "Buttercup". Thank you for loving my sister so truly. You will never be forgotten.

Doreen Cornelson - -4535 days ago
*My First Christmas in Heaven*

I see the countless Christmas trees

Around the world below

With tiny lights like Heaven¡¯s stars

Reflecting on the snow

The sight is so spectacular

Please wipe away the tears

For I am spending Christmas

With Jesus Christ this year

I hear the many Christmas songs

That people hold so dear

But the sound of music can¡¯t compare

With the Christmas choir up here.

I have no words to tell you

That joy their voices bring

For it is beyond description

To hear the angels sing

I know how much you miss me

I see the pain inside your heart

But I¡¯m not so far away

We really aren¡¯t apart

So be happy for me dear ones

You know I hold you dear

And be glad I¡¯m spending Christmas

With Jesus Christ this year.

I send you each a special gift

From my heavenly home above

I sent you each a memory

Of my undying love

After all love is a gift

More precious than pure gold

It was always most important

In the stories Jesus told

Please love and keep each other

As my Father said to do

For I can¡¯t count the blessings

Or the love He has for you

So have a Merry Christmas

And wipe away the tear,

Remember I¡¯ll be spending Christmas

With Jesus Christ this year.

Dear Neil, Gailene and Jonathan

As you leave on your trip today, our love and thoughts are with you. The above struck my heart and a feeling of closeness to all my loved ones.

God bless and we chat soon.

Love Doreen & Gord

Jenny - -4535 days ago
Merry Christmas Matt!

Jarvis Nicoll - -4536 days ago
I had a dream last night that Matt and I were fishing. We had a pile of fun as always. I think about you lots and miss you every day.

Trika - -4539 days ago
Happy Holidays Bean!

Alesha - -4541 days ago
I just learned about the loss of Matt and I am so, so sorry. It is quite strange how I found out about Matt's accident. I grew up on V.I and moved to Alberta to go to MRC and have stayed here, my parents were out visiting this past weekend and we were discussing the terrible accidents that have happened. My dad told me of this one and it stuck out in his head because as he said this young man had done everything and he sounded amazing. When my dad had told me about him being from Calgary and attending MRC and then continuing on to North Dakota I asked if his name was Matt.... I am so sorry and I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Even though it was about 8 years ago that I saw Matt last, I am so happy to hear that he found true love and was living his life to the fullest. He was a great guy and he will be missed.

Neil & Gailene - -4543 days ago
The true heartfelt memories of Matthew are so appreciated. Thank you Bob-O and Jenny & all the others who have touched our lives through the warm heart felt words that have been so comforting to us and the family. We always find it so comforting to go online and read new comments. Thank you so much. We love you and appreciate you supporting and helping us through this difficult time. May God Bless you all.
Love Gailene & Neil

Your Best Bud - Mummers - -4543 days ago
My Precious Matthew - the sadness is so heavy to carry & at times unbearable even though I have been reassured that you are okay and that your walk with Jesus is what you have always longed for. I am confident that you are walking with him right now. How thankful I am that you have made my belief stronger. Without that belief and faith I don't think we could survive. I know someday we'll dance again & the joy will be beyond what we ever envisioned. I sincerely believe you are the appointed one that was needed in Heaven along with the Angels. Perhaps you are a youth paster now & what a great inspiration you would be to all of us. The angels rejoice when just one soul is saved but did you know Matthew many souls accepted Christ because of your witnessing. We heard the bells ringing.

Your memories will always surround us & will never be forgotten. There are so many beautiful ones. There is so much about you that I deeply miss. It's those sparkly eyes that showed what the heart was full of, the smile that warmed any cloudy day, the love in your voice that was so reassuring and most of all that all encompasing love that you so freely surrounded everyone with. How fortunate I was to have been in your presence 10 days before your spirit left us. I so vividly remember our last visit in the hotel room & as you spoke I remember the impact of those words & thinking to myself " wow, I don't know what it is but whatever he has I truly want that". Ironically, a mother wishing to have what her son has. I searched the depths of my being to understand why Matthew's life was almost taken a few years earlier & miraculously given back to him. It was during this healing period that Matthew walked so closely to the Lord to the extend that he would say a quick prayer & would experience that prayer being answered. I now understand what he was experiencing & my prayer is that I also may have that close walk with the Lord. Thank you Matthew for showing us the Light. We will always love you and will always miss you and remember those cherished memories but know that someday we'll rejoice together. Thank you for preparing that special place for us. We love you always.

Jenny - -4544 days ago
There is never an hour in the day that I don't think of you in some capacity Matt. I hope you're enjoying your homemade vareniki and pajama pants and that my grandmas are in turn enjoying the flights you take them on. There is no doubt in my mind that the way you lived your life will forever be an inspiration for the way I hope to live mine.

Bob-o - -4544 days ago
Even though that you've left us a short time ago, every night I think of you and what impact that you left upon all of us. I can scarcely think of any other soul that had as much of an impact on us than you. You were a titan of a human being taken too soon.
I miss my best friend,

Carissa Canning - -4556 days ago
It has been difficult for me to put something into words following such sad news. However, last night an angel did visit me in my dreams; Matt offered me some heart-felt advise to a question I had put out to the universe. He is truly an angel watching out for all those precious lives he's touched, whether they be brief encounters or old friends long passed. It has been truly amazing to look through this website and see all the love shining it's bright light from every direction. Although it has been quite sometime since I have seen both Laurie and Matt it feels like just yesterday we all shared some very special memories I hold close to my heart. Matt will be missed enormously by all who knew him, but his light shines on. My deepest sympathies go out to the Bienert and Sukovieff families. Laurie and Matt, you are in my thoughts now and always.

Kelly Laird - -4569 days ago
Still missing you Matt...

Ryanne Jasmin - -4579 days ago
One of the only thoughts that can comfort me at this time, is that Matt was an angel to us from heaven. He touched so many with his warm smile and enthusiasm for life. He wasn't to stay on earth for long-but lived a rich life and spread so much joy. Matt is now back in heaven and we are all stronger, better people for having the opportunity to have had him touch our lives. He is smiling down on us-for that I am certain! will never be forgotten

Melissa Lavens & Family - -4586 days ago
My deepest sympathy to Laurie, and the Bienert and Sukovieff families. Matt had an unbelievable spirit and smile that will never be forgotten. Even though I have not seen Matt in a long time, I can still hear his laugh in my head. He was a great guy that displayed nothing but kindness to everyone he came into contact with. I have contemplated over several days as to what to write, and I know that there is nothing I can say to take the pain away. Our thoughts are with all of you, and we are so sorry for your loss.

Julien Lamy - -4588 days ago
Matt and I were roommates for a semester back at UND¡­ He was one of the most outstanding person I've ever met. His ability to "always look on the bright side of life" was contagious¡­ The news of his passing was truly a shock.
You'll never be forgotten Matt !

My deepest condolences to all Bienert's ,Sukovieff's and friends from France.

Diane Lu - -4590 days ago
Dear Tasha,
My condolences to you, Allan and your family over the loss of your brother, Matthew.
Diane Lu (UCMC Northhill, Calgary)

Dave & Laurie-Lynn - -4592 days ago
Our hearts are also heavy with sadness for you, Laurie and the Bienert and Sukovieff families. My best memory of Matthew was at your wedding when he gave me the thumbs up just before the ceremony began. (and I got it!) It was a special time for us because we feel close to you and your family. Our life was definitely brightened by getting to know you both as a couple and excited for your future. Please know that we are thinking about all of you and hope and pray that time will heal the extreme hurt you feel right now. Wish we coulda been at the celebration. Please keep in touch.

Russell Hill - -4594 days ago
To matt's family i do not have the words to express how sorry i am for your loss.Matt was always close to my heart and i truly do not think there was is a better person than he was. I cannot even remember a negative thing that he said or did, just a reflection of how wonderful a family he came from. I will miss matt. I hope these words have some comfort for you and I hope you continue to focus on the positive things in this life, Matt taught me to look at life in this way and I am sure you all taught him this.I love you matt, I'll see you on the other side.

Mike Golding - -4594 days ago
I only knew Matt briefly as my Instructor in August for two weeks. What a remarkable man, very likeable, very sincere, nothings ever a problem!
I hope his family and friends find away of coping through these sad times.
Will never forget this truelly remarkable person,Matt.

Christian Størseth - -4595 days ago
My condolences go out to all Bienert's ,Sukovieff's and friends. I am a friend of Matt's from our UND days together. We shared some incredible experiences. I am deeply saddened by his passing and I find myself at a loss of words. Matt, as one can read from all the posts, is one of a kind.

Bob-o - -4596 days ago
Bean, I wish I could be there to see you off, but until the next time I see you, I want you to know how much I'll miss you. I can only hope your family has a rousing send-off for my favorite Redheaded Canadian! Thanks to you and yours, I feel that I'm a Canadian-by-association. I've never been prouder to have such a good friend as you. When you get to where you are going, look me up and I'll be glad to have a few with ya.

Blair Fine - -4596 days ago
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Everything I ever heard about Matt sounded so wonderful, I'm just sad I never got to meet him. We are thinking of and praying for you in Virginia. Miss you.
Love, Blair

Sia Adjudani & Family - -4596 days ago
Our deepest condolences, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family¡­

Your love for live, your strong ties with your family and your strong faith have taught us what is really important. We look at you with admiration and can only hope that our sons will be half of what you were.

Our love and prayers go to you Laurie for the loss of a great man, your soul mate who will be sadly missed, but will remain in your/our hearts for a life time.

Aunt Gail, Uncle Neil, Jonnathon, Tasha & Al you may have lost a son, brother, brother-in-law but you have gained a very special gaurdian angel that will be with you til the end of times.

Sheldon Stratton - -4596 days ago
This has taken a while to sink in...Matt and I haven't been in touch for, well about seven years now. I am sitting here at work at Landmark in Calgary the night before the service. I kept hesitating to write, thinking I have to get this right, but now I sit here at 0230 in the morning and I cannot sleep.

I am listening to 'Walk On' by U2 and thinking that this website is such an amazing tribute to you my old friend and that I must just follow this sudden compulsion to say something. And every word from every person that has written here is so heartfelt...I only wish that I had truly realized what a beautiful guy you were before I went and stopped the correspondence some years ago. Always listening, smiling and considerate of others around you. You were supportive when I was at my lowest point in the MRC program, no money left and ready to give up. The ping-pong and the never said no, you always had time. And you brought back containers of creatine from Hawaii for us so we could be huge "like ah-nold!"

Rick was the one who called me to break the news. It honestly caught me off guard and I found myself changing the subject. Then 2 days later I saw your name on the news. But somehow I still didn't quite get it. I was bitter. Then the website, still not quite registering.

However yesterday I awoke after a fitful sleep and suddenly did something I hadn't done in about 2 months. I checked my old hotmail account. 30 messages...scroll down...Laurie Bienert. I opened it and read your message Laurie, then the memories hit like a wall and I haven't been the same since.

God bless you Laurie and all family in your time of challenge. I stand with you and challenge myself to be a better person...more like Matthew. I lost a brother many years ago....Jon, I stand with you and Tasha in true understanding.

Remembering the good times got me through, and this is exactly what everyone here is doing...this website is amazing. A fitting tribute to a very amazing human being. One very cool cat. As one poster said, be welcomed by the Lord.

All I can say to family and parents is all that I know. Be strong and of good faith that It DOES get easier with time. We DO walk on.

My heart aches for all here. Rest well friend, it's better there. Say hi to my bro for me will ya? Cheers, dude.

Ali Fares - -4596 days ago
...My deepest condolences to both the Bienert and Sukovieff families...

Gail, Brian, Melissa and Brad Gordon - -4596 days ago
Dear Laurie, Uncle Neil, Aunty Gail, Tasha and "Dearest" Family and Friends,
* A Poem to comfort you, in your time of sorrow...

It has been a short while since I have gone away but do not worry, to heaven I arrived okay...
Please do not be unhappy just because I am out of sight...
remember that I am with you every morning, noon and night...
That day I had to leave you when my life on earth was through...
God gave me a list of things to do and the most important was watching over you...
When you think of my life on earth,
and all of those years,
because you are only human they are bound to bring some tears,
But I will be beside you every day, week and year...
And when you are sad, I am there to wipe away the tears...
One thing is for certain though my life on earth is over,
I am much closer to you now than I ever was before...
When you are walking down the street and you have got me on your mind...
I am walking in your footsteps only half a step behind.
Or when you feel that gentle breeze or wind upon your face,
That is me giving you a big hug
or just a soft embrace.
There are rocky roads ahead of you
and many hills to climb...
But together we can do it,
one day at a time...
And now I am content knowing that my life was worth while,
And that all I passed along
certainly made me "smile"!
So when it is time for you to go from your body and be free...
Remember that you are not going far,
You are coming here to me.

Though words cannot express the thoughts, the heart would like to say. But many thoughts go out to you in sympathy today. Many hearts are hoping that you will find strength and comfort in knowing the others share the loss of one so dear to you.

Matthew left us "precious memories" we are blessed to have. So treasure him Lord, in your garden of rest, for when on earth, Matthew was one of the best...

Our deepest thoughts and prayers are with you.

Until we meet again, dear cousin Matthew,
"Rest in Peace"

Love Gail, Brain, Melissa and Brad

Mindi Oaten - -4597 days ago
It is very difficult to begin to write this message, no words can really say what I have been feeling since I heard the news of Matt. Life is busy, it has been this week, but in the silent moments I have had, I keep thinking of Matt and what a wonderful person he was, and of course...can't stop praying and thinking of Laurie, Matt's family, the Sukovieff's and everyone close to Matt...God's peace and presence be with you all.
On Saturday around 5:00pm, I was driving home on the west of the city and saw the most magnificent rainbow I have ever seen. Double arched in radiant color...I instantly thought of Matt and knew it was him beaming down on us all, but especially his family and you, Laurie. I don't know if you all saw it, but it was amazing, as Matt was.
My memories of Matt were of Middle School and those first years of High School. Always smiling, always postive and a good friend. Matt was the only Canadian friend to experience living in North Dakota ( were I grew up and family is from ), thanks for the emails in college, Matt.
Most of all, I will admire his love for Laurie... Laurie, you two are a true testament of what love is, I know God is taking good care of Matt and he is with you always. I am thinking of you, here for you any time... may God give all Matt's family peace and comfort. I will miss you, Matt.

Mike Freeborn and family - -4597 days ago
I've always known Matt, as all Springbank lifers knew each other, but I never really knew Matt. However, after everytime we bumped into each other, whether it was at a High School party or a Sukovieff gathering, I remember thinking that Matt was one of the few, genuine nice guys I had ever met. He always took the time to say 'hey' and to stop and chat. I wish I had the chance to get to know him better. Our thoughts go out to the Bienert and Sukovieff clans.

Mike, Michelle, Alayna, and Alivia

Patti Blake and Ross Nichol - -4597 days ago

Gailene, Neil, Tasha, Jonathan, Laurie, family and friends,

We feel we have come to know Matthew through the many beautiful photos and messages from those who knew and loved him. What a special person, son, brother, husband, and friend ... so full of joyful energy, love, and caring. He has clearly touched so many people in such a positive way.

Our hearts and thoughts are with you,
Love Patti and Ross

Harmattan Gas Plant Employees - -4597 days ago
We would like to express our deepest sympathy to Laurie, the Sukovieff and Bienert family.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of sorrow.

Harley Stewart - -4597 days ago
My deepest condolences to you and your family Gailiene. I know you are a very close family and its a shock to everyone. Matthew's life with you will live with all of you forever, cherish them.

Michelle (Merryfield) and Andrew Weaver - -4597 days ago
I still cannot find the words to write down that really express the deep feeling I get when I think about what has happened. The last time I saw Matthew he was opening his wedding gifts beside his beautiful wife Laurie. Those images of him I will remember... complete happiness.
Andrew and I want to wish Laurie, the Bienert's, Sukovieff's, and all the countless others that Matthew touched, our most deepest sympathy. We will always remember Matthew.

Donna McMahon (Cormack) - -4597 days ago
Gailene and family,

I wanted to let you know that the thoughts and prayers of my family are with you at this very difficult time. Remember Matt with joy.
Take care of yourselves and each other.

Jason Helfrich - -4597 days ago
I would just like to pay my respects to Matt. I didn't know Matt that well but being a part of the Springbank school system everybody knows everybody. May you Laurie and both families find the strength to help you through this impossible time.
Rest in Peace Matt

In our thoughts,
Jason and the entire Helfrich family

Brad Webb - -4597 days ago
This is the hardest letter I have ever had to write. Bienert's- you are a wonderful and ideal family. The love, laughter and closeness that you share with each other and all those around you is truly amazing and I know Matthew is thankful for it.

The greatest memories of Matthew are at Fishing Lake- the true highlight of my childhood summers. The Bienert's would roll up to the cabin with a loaded down car and trailer. The trailer would be filled with so many summer toys it put TOYSRUS to shame. Uncle Neil would lead us on our daily trip to the candy store where we would load up on candy and sugar by the pound. We eventually became professional frog catchers, at least an ice cream pail full of frogs a day. It is unfortunate no one knew a recipe for frogs- we would have had a feast. Instead the frogs were poked, prodded and stirred up by two little red heads on sugar highs then eventually put back in the pond. Along with these memories are Gramma Daisy's breakfasts, campfires and marshmellow roasting, fishing and chasing spence occasionally. Nothing can beat these memories of my cousins.

Matthew, you will be missed, you have so many great qualities which will be cherished. On October 14 you sent a signal to say farewell so I know you are being looked after and maybe having Gramma Daisy's breakfasts again.

Bienert's take care of yourselves during this hard time. Thinking of you.

Beth Steiger - -4597 days ago
Neil, Gailene, Tasha, Jon, Laurie and Sukovieff family,

I realize there aren¡¯t any words to bring comfort during times like these; only the knowledge that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many, and the faith that you will meet your beloved husband/brother/son again. My family and I are thinking and praying for you every day, and I hope that you can feel our support from a distance. Our hearts go out to you.

Matt, there are too many fond memories to even know where to begin, but I wanted to say thank you for being an irreplaceable friend. You will always have a special place in my heart, and we will never forget the smile on your face, the kindness of your soul, or the Irish glint in your eyes.

Kevin Hansen - -4598 days ago
Matt, you are one of the best individuals I have ever met. Our personalities are shaped by the people we surround ourselves with, Matt, your openness to people and positive outlook on life has had a long lasting effect on my life. I, as we all are, am a better person for knowing you, and for this I thank you.

Ray & Pat Nicoll - -4598 days ago
Our heart goes out to Matts entire family, please find comfort in knowing how much we are thinking of you at this time of tragity, everyone has lost a part of their future, it is said that sometimes god works in mysterious ways please accept our prayers a blessings. god bless R.I.P. young friend.never forgotten always remembered Ray & Pay

Cindy Ellis (Cousin) - -4598 days ago
My Cousin Matthew¡­

People never knew just how much he meant to me and you
They knew him by name, but it¡¯s still not the same

His eyes so bright, his smile so wide
We always let him know we were right there by his side

Now he¡¯s gone from me and you
Now we have no reason to be blue

We loved him, he loved us
And we have to try not to fuss

He said goodbye and gave you a kiss
Now all we can do is reminisce

Why does God take the best to love
Up to that great big world up above?

His memory will never leave
His kind and gentle smile will always be seen

Never forget him; never let him leave your mind
Tell him you love him, just one more time!

Bienert Family - Uncle Neil, Aunty Gailene, Tasha/Allen, Jonathan and especially Laurie
We are truly sorry for your loss and we send you most heartfelt condolences.
We couldn't even imagine the pain you all feel right now.
Keep him in your heart. Heaven got another angel...and trust, you will see him again. May God comfort your family, friends, and everyone that knew Matthew during these hard times? Were sorry for your loss and our prayers are with you!

Cindy Ellis & Brian Stefura
Second Cousins ¨C Tina, Jonathan and Jeremy Ellis

Uncle Garry & Aunt Sandra - -4598 days ago
Matthew- We have been so blessed and privileged to have shared a part of your life with you. You had such an extremely positive infectious personality that touched all of us. There are numerous memories we can think of. To just highlight a few would be our holiday in Ireland & England with you, Jonathon and your Mom. You and Jonathon looked so in place in Ireland (red hair & all). The lunches at The Irish Pubs & of course all of us having a "Guiness", you & uncle touring the Tangmere Air Museum. Oh such good times! The times at Fishing Lake and when your hook was really hot. The image of you in the bow of the boat just grinning and catching fish on one of those beautiful sunny days will remain with us forever. Our visits to Calgary, Skiing at Banff and Christmas's at Grandma & Grandpa's in Wynyard. Oh there are so many memories.
Laurie we are so happy that Matthew found true love and happiness with you. Our prayers are with you.
Jonathon, Tasha, Allan, Gailene and Neil, our thoughts and prayers will always be with you. Cherish the memories.
Matthew; may you soar with the angels
God Bless You.

Kelly Pritchard - -4598 days ago
I was saddened to hear of Matthew's passing even though it has been over 10 years since we last passed each other in the halls of Springbank High School. Over the last 10 years I have often wondered what the Bienert Boys were up to. Even though I did not know Matthew well I have nothing but pleasant grade school memories of the athletic redhead with the charismatic personality. My heartfelt thoughts go out to Laurie, Jon and the rest of Matthew's friends and family.

Carmen Gittens - -4598 days ago
I've been waiting to post....hoping time would help me find the right words. It's not getting any easier. All I can offer is my most sincere sympathy to Laurie, Jon, Tasha, the Bienerts, and the Sukovieffs.

I'm a long way from home but reading the beautiful stories about Matt's full life, going between tears and smiles, has helped me feel connected.

I too was a Springbank "lifer" (from Grade 1). As Jar, Jen, Principal Noseworthy, and others have described, Matt truly was the whole deal. Not just a star athlete with good grades but a genuine and charismatic guy. His loving family and personality strengths set him up for success.

Laurie, I'm so sorry this has happened so early in your marriage. You wrote me the most beautiful sympathy card when I needed one (you may not even remember). I hope the concern and kindness you've shown others will be returned to you now a hundred fold.

I wish I could be with everyone on Thursday. All of my thoughts will be with you.

Cher Menegoz - -4599 days ago
I cannot feel the pain you bear,
Nor the emptiness that comes with losing someone dear,
I do not know how many times you have wept,
How many dreamless nights you have slept,
I see, though, that you are in mourning,
Of a cherished son that left before the day¡¯s dawning,
My dear heart, I weep too,
In my prayers, I place you.
He hasn¡¯t fully passed away,
Believe me, he¡¯s with you everyday,
As long as he¡¯s your treasured stone,
His love will comfort you when in pain you groan,
He takes every step you take,
Though his reflection may not appear on the face of a lake,
Like true soul mates you are,
He¡¯ll be your guiding star.
Don¡¯t you worry, he didn¡¯t sleep alone,
The angels were there to guard their own,
That is why you should smile,
Maybe his departure is a sign,
Maybe he is your passing angel, your future vine,
Cry no more, you will be blessed,
You will be seen through this difficult test.

Dear Beinert family, I hope the caring words that family and friends write on this site ease the pain. I have many wonderful memories of James, Matthew and Jonathan playing together as young boys. It comforts me to know my James has his friend, Matthew, again by his side.

Skyservice Aviatat Karen - -4599 days ago
I met Matthews' family a few days ago as they welcomed Matthew home. I did not know Matthew but I was so touched by the warmth and love that surrounded him that afternoon. I wished that I could of taken their pain away that day. I went home thinking of Matthew and his family. If you ever want to gaze the skies once more, the air side lounge will welcome all of you at any time.

Dave Noseworthy - -4599 days ago
Please accept my heartfelt sympathies to everyone who is feeling the pain of loss that I have been going through since I heard of the tragic passing of Matt. I know all of you are reflecting on those times we were blessed with Matt¡¯s company. Those times when he graced us with his sense of humour, compassion, sense of fairness, and most of all his love of life. It is that love of life that I remember most about Matt and the telling was in his smile. That smile beamed like no other as a signal to the rest of the world that here is a person who truly loves life. It is the loss of that signal that pains me the most.

For Matt was one of those special people who even at a young age signaled to the world that he was going to make it a much better of a place in which to live. Matt was one of those special people who by his mere presence could achieve such a lofty goal. On a personal note, I will always cherish the times I had the good fortune of watching Matt play sports or probably even more significantly I will never forget those captive moments when I could have discussions with him about his future goals. For these reasons and many more, my memories of Matt will remain etched forever in my mind.

Dave Noseworthy

Larry and Kathy Gerber - -4599 days ago
Laurie and Beinert, Sukovieff families:

We greive with you as you walk through this valley so deep. We are praying God's strength and comfort as you take each moment and day one step at a time. Matt was such a bright, strong, amazing young man. We loved getting to know both of you so well Laurie. You were certainly brought together by God in your marriage. Our prayers continue to be with you. Thanks to Matt, Larry did take a flying lesson and just loves it. We certainly appreciate you both letting us into your lives.

Colin Bryce - -4599 days ago
My thoughts and prayers go out for Matt and his family during this hard time. I havent seen Matt since grade 12. I have a lot of fond memories of him especially on the football and rugby field. He was always cracking jokes. I remember meeting him for the first time with that 'hippie' hair of his. He certainly did not play like a hippie. Jon and family, keep strong.

Carole Mitchell - -4599 days ago
Dear Gailene and family,
I was so sorry to learn of the sad news about your son. My thoughts are with you and all of your family, please accept my sincerest condolences.

Dena, Craig, Brooke and Jaxon - -4600 days ago
We have shed many tears this past week over losing such a special person and cousin. We have also laughed and smiled as we remember Matt growing up, his accomplishments and the love he shared with his family and with Laurie. Matthew's love and passion for life has reminded us how one should embrace each day.

Laurie, we are so sorry for your loss.
Jonathon, Tasha and Al, take comfort in the awesome memories you have of Matt.
Aunty Gail and Uncle Neil, what beautiful parents you are. You continue to inspire us through your strength, love and support you give your family.

Matt, you will always be in our hearts.

Leslie and Peter Crisfield - -4600 days ago
Dear Gailene and Neil, We are so sad to hear of your loss and cannot imagine the heartache that you must be feeling. Your strong faith will surely help you and your family through this most difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and we send you our love.

AW - -4600 days ago
Neil, Gailene, Tasha and Jon,
Words cannot express the sadness I feel for you. Although I have not been in touch with you for many years, I have often thought about your family and wondered what paths you all took, especially Matt and Jon. I have fond memories of taking Matt fishing and seeing him go through his teen years. He was always the type of person who could make you laugh, no matter what the situation. Matt's strong upbringing led him to be a wonderful person with a great, positive outlook on life. People loved being around Matt, because of the person he was. I hope that you are able to draw strength through knowing that Matt was able to live many of his dreams, and was a great guy, who many admired and respected. My deepest sympathies are with you all.

Courtney Maier - -4600 days ago
Although I only knew Matt for a short while, he is someone who I have always admired for making everyone feel special and for bringing so many smiles to so many people. The time I spent with Jon and Matt in highschool are still some of my fondest memories. The Bienert's always had a warm welcome for all of their friends and one instantly felt part of the family. I am so sorry that you have this incredible loss, but know that the little time you did have with Matt was always filled with love and happiness.


Maria Gebauer - -4600 days ago
My deepest condolences to the Bienert and Sukovieff family.

Matthew was one to leave an impression on people. It has been a few years, but I still and always will remember his enthusiasm and zest for life which he always expressed through his smile.

Lucille Bergerman - -4600 days ago
Dear Gailene and Neil,
You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. May you find comfort in the wonderful memories that you shared and in each other.
Lucille and Herb

Ron, Michele, Michael and Ally - -4600 days ago
Matthew's life can serve as an example for all of us. In 28 years he lived more than most people do in a lifetime. Although he was born to fly he became a teacher on Oct. 13. He taught us:
- to enjoys life each day.
- to find a career you are passionate about and do not settle for mediocrity.
- when faced with adversity, have faith, persevere and battle back.
- treat others with kindness and compassion.
- find your true love and hold on tightly.
- be humble about your accomplishments and let others shine instead.
- travel the world
- smile with your eyes so that the world can see your warm heart.
He has left an imprint on all of our hearts. We will miss him forever.

Kristen Enevold - -4600 days ago
Laurie, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. Although our families haven't been in touch for some time, please know our thoughts are with you. Take care....

Ron and Jan Kostyniuk - -4600 days ago
Dear Neil and Gailene,
Jan and I were so sorry to hear of the tragic loss of your son. We stand beside you and share your burden at this moment in your life. Please accept our greatest sympathy.

Jarvis Nicoll - -4600 days ago
I'm still shocked. Matt and Jon and a few others of us went through grades 1-12 together. We were so lucky to have such a tight group of friends. There was always something about Matt that made him stand out. I have talked about Matt a lot this week with lots fo his friends and there is a constant theme to all those discussions. Matt was the nicest, most positive and most generous person that anyone could have know. I think we all loved going to the Beinerts house as it was one full of love and laughter. We had so many good times together and I have thought of them often. I so wish that I would have called you when you and Laurie got married, or stayed in touch, but our lives seemed to head in diffferent directions. You were too good a soul... Good at everything you did and so much fun to be around. You always put others first and downplayed your talents to keep others included. This is hard to write because I want so badly to tell you all this in perosn. I miss you Bein, and I will always remeber you as one of my best freinds. Thanks for keeping me smiling and being so genuine. I am who I am becuase I had the opportunity to be close to you and your family and your positive influence. I too still here you laugh and smile. I will lasyws remenber palying defense together in soccer and the wrsetling matches we would have. I showed my child pictures of us back in the day and told him of all the things that made you such a great person and a great friend. My condolences to Laurie and the Bienerts. May you find peace in knowing that Matt touched so many of us in such a positive may and that the love and memories will live on in or hearts and stories.

Sara and Jon Gdovin - -4600 days ago

I feel terrible getting in touch with you this way, but we wanted you to know that some folks in New York were thinking of you and the rest Matt's family. We know that losing family is tough to endure, but losing a husband is unfathomable. Best wishes Laurie.

Scott and Ashley - -4600 days ago
Matthew you were a truly remarkable man. Blessed with a wealth of talents, gifts, and skills, you remained always humble, demonstrating strength of body, mind and character.

I had the fortune of attending most of school life with Matthew, as well as reconnecting with him over the subsequent year, and while he was the ¡®cool¡¯ kid he was always so much more than that. I will always remember him for his genuine kindness, his friendly easygoing nature, and of course that trademark smile. If every graduating class could have a leader with the character and strength of Matthew, our schools would be much better places.

Our heartfelt condolences to Laurie, Jon, and the entire Beinert family.

David Freeman - -4601 days ago
Gailene, Neil and Family. My sympathy goes out to you in the loss of Matthew. I only met him once at Ab Freeman's funeral and was touched by what a nice young man he was. He'll be missed by everyone who knew him.

Uncle Ray, Carol & Peter - -4601 days ago
Gailene, Neil & Family

We are heartbroken for you and your family to hear of your loss of Matthew. He will forever br in our memories.

Dad has told the story countless time of when he and Aunt Daisy visited you in Calgary. Mathew was 4 or 5 years old.

Dad had gone to bed alone downstairs and only minutes later Mathew was standing beside the bed.

Mathew said "Uncle Ray, I don't want you to be lonely tonight, so here is my teddy bear to keep you company".

That gesture left an indelible memory of Mathew in Dad's heart.

From across the Prairies our thoughts are with you.

Jeff Groenewald - -4601 days ago
I didn't know Matthew, but read the notice in today's Calgary Herald. Our sympathies are with your family.

Marshall and Teresa Copithorne - -4601 days ago
It is with great sorrow that we learned of Matthew's tragic accident. My memories of Matthew go as far back as elementary school with my daughter Jennifer. Matthew and Johnathan were the twins that every kid wanted to be in class with; fun, polite, smart and full of life! What a great guy he turned out, a real compliment to his parents. May your sorrow be replaced by happy memories and the knowledge that some day you will be reunited with him in heaven.
To Laurie and her family, to Jonathan and the Bienert family, our deepest condolences

Peter Haar - -4601 days ago
I have spent a lot of time thinking about all that Matt means to me and my family. I can't possibly write about everything Matt has done for me and meant to me as a friend and brother-in-law, but here are some of the ways Matt has changed my life. Since Matt and Laurie started dating, Matt has been an important part of my life. I am so happy that we had the opportunity to become such close friends over the past few years. Matt taught me to never let go of your dreams. I was so proud of how he triumphed over his injury and was able to fly again. He never complained about his arm regardless of how frustrated he was with it. I remember watching him regain the use of his hand and arm, almost one hundred percent...something that many of us wouldn't be able to achieve.

Matt and Lauren are Godparents of my daughter, Arianna. Matt took his spiritual responsibilities very seriously and has been extremely compassionate towards Arianna as she has grown. Matt adored Arianna and she, as well as my son Benjamin, always felt very loved by Matt.

Matt helped me rekindle my faith in God at a time when I felt that God wasn't there for me. We had many conversations about spirituality and Matt helped strengthen my faith and understanding.

Matt is my role model and is a person I will always strive to be more like. As soon as Matt was able to fly again, I was so proud of him and what he had accomplished with such determination. I've always dreamed about being on a plane and telling my son and daughter that their Uncle Matt was the pilot.

My heart is full of sorrow for my family and the Bienert family.

...till we meet again Matrophski!

I love you,

Al and Sandy Menzies - -4601 days ago
Laurie, Sukovieff and Beinert Families

Our hearts are heavy

Lyndsay Matthews - -4601 days ago
To the Bienert Family - I want to express my very sincere condolances to all of you in your loss of Matthew. My son, Tyler Schauer, was in Matthew's grade at Springbank, and he also has "slipped the surly bonds of earth" (almost 7 years ago), so I know first hand some of what you are going through. It is a devestating time, but I am sure you are drawing comfort and strength from your family and friends. Just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Amanda and Kevin Read - -4601 days ago
We can't put into words the deep sadness and incredible heartache we feel for the loss that Matt's family must be feeling in this difficult time. Although we never got to spend much time with Matt, we knew from the look in Laurie's eyes on their wedding day that he was an amazing man with an incredible family. I remember silently thinking to myself, wow, what a truly nice guy he was. We sincerely feel for the loss of those who loved Matt and please know that our hearts and our thoughts are with you all. Laurie, we love you so much, please find some comfort in that.

Cathy Boulanger - -4601 days ago
Deat Gailene (and Neil, Tasha and Jonathan),
I worked with you at "The Gunn" and was welcomed into your home for Christmas parties. I know you important your family is to you, and I am thinking of you and praying for you at this difficult time. The obituary was very eloquent and the website is amazing, while I never met Matthew, I feel like I know him! My love, thoughts and prayers
are with you and your family.
Cathy Boulanger

Pam & Ken Wright - -4601 days ago
So sorry to hear of this loss

Randy Chan - -4601 days ago

- -4601 days ago
My thoughts are with Jonathan, Bienert's and Sukovieff's family during this difficult time.

I met Matt in middle school, and from that moment, you could tell Matt had that distinguishing feature which made him stand out. He always had a warm smile that would cheer anyone up!

I haven't seen Matt since high school, but when you still have such strong thoughts and memories of your classmate after so many years, you know Matt had made a positive impact on us all.

Take care Matt, you will always be remembered.

Jen Copithorne - -4601 days ago
My heart broke when I heard about Matt. I was looking at the grade 2 class picture posted, and thinking about the bonds we formed with each other at Springbank that began at such an early age. We've all become so important to each other, despite the years that might now separate us. Matt was an icon. The girls all had crushes on him and the guys all wanted to be around him. Looking at all of the messages posted it's easy to see why. We were all lucky to know him, and Laurie, you have been blessed to have such an amazing man by your side. I was looking at an email you sent me, telling me about how you and Matt had begun dating. "Isn't
that crazy, who would have ever of thought, eh?", you wrote. Not crazy, perfect. And we were all so happy for you. I have been getting regular updates about you two, and was so happy you found each other.

I'm so sorry for your loss. My prayers and thoughts go out to Laurie, Jon and the Bienert family, and the Sukovieffs.

Karla - -4602 days ago
Laurie...There are no words to express the pain I feel for you. Knowing the love that you share with Matt, I know that the pain in your heart must be excruciating.
Matt was a person who could not hide his feelings... they made there way through his smile and his eyes. When he was with you he exuded pure happiness. When he looked at you I could almost see the energy that pulled you two together. He was a very special person to me. And seeing him so happy with you was the greatest blessing. I know that he will be with you always.

Jon, Tasha, Gailene and Neil... My sadness for your loss is indescribable. Matt's love and respect for you all has always been an inspiration for me.

The Sukovieff family...My condolences on the loss of your New Son and your New Brother. He will be greatly missed.

Matt... Thank you for all the laughs, for all your smiles and giggles and craziness. Thank you for your music and for your stories. Thank you for your warmth and kindness and honesty. Thank you for all my memories of you. Thank you for teaching me what true friendship is. You will always be in my heart.

Ashley - -4602 days ago
My heart is breaking for everyone who lost Matt this weekend. Laurie and Johnathan, Matt was always such a person terrific energy and spirit. He was kind and thoughtful to everyone around him regardless of how others behaved and I will always be grateful to him for that. While I never knew Matt that well, I know that the world will miss his genuine warmth and compassion because he made the world a kinder place just by being in it. My deepest sympathies to the whole family.

Craig - -4602 days ago
Over the last few days I have had time to reflect on all of the memories of the times that Matt and I have had together. One of the greatest memories that comes to mind is when I was able to spend the day with you at Cowichan lake in Sept. It was such a beautiful day, with me fishing and you flying above me. I will remember that for the rest of my life.

I know in my heart, that you will always be flying over, watching down on us now. Matt I miss you dearly and I am so proud to call you my brother-in-law.

Love Always and Forever.


Hal and Marie Adam - lost our 28 year old daughter recently - -4602 days ago
Dear Parents:

We live on Vancouver island and heard about this accident. Our 28 year old daughter was recently promoted to glory and so know how GUT wrenching this loss is for you. .
Because we know the Lord as did Lisa, we know that we will see her again. I believe that is also the case for your beloved son. That is the only thing which kept me from becoming a basket case.
"Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted"! A Christian hug from parents who are still grieving.

Warren Lavender - -4602 days ago
Laurie, Neil, Gailene, Jon and Tasha,

This Wednesday, the entire senior class at my school (The American School in Japan) had gathered in the theatre to hear me deliver some rather routine information about their college applications and the rest of the senior year. As I stood before them, looking at their faces so full of hope and naivety, my thoughts kept coming back to Matt and the devastating news Dave Noseworthy had shared with me an hour earlier. Instead of lecturing them on their college essays, I decided to share with them about a kid named Matt. For fifteen minutes, I talked about the championship football game in Airdrie, the perfect rugby season and the Banff 7¡¯s tournament championship. I told them about the remarkable bond he had with Jon and how I told them that I wished I had a twin. I admitted to sneaking both Matt and Jon into a school dance even though they weren¡¯t on the late list (Sorry, Dave). I told the students about Matt¡¯s dreams of becoming a pilot and promising that I would NEVER fly with a pilot who looked like a hippie. This would make him laugh. I told them about the hug ¡®attack¡¯ Matt and Jon gave me on their graduation day. I needed to share with them everything about Matt that made him such an incredible young man. Regrettably, I knew that along with my memories, I¡¯d have to tell them about the accident. When it came to that moment, there was the silence that only this kind of news could bring.

After a few seconds, I told them that I was refusing to let this day be a sad one for me. I wanted to get across to these kids that they needed to live as Matt had lived; full of hope, promise, love compassion, and accomplishments. I thanked them for letting me share.

While teenagers can often be self absorbed and insensitive, my students did something completely selfless. As I finished my last sentence, they started clapping and soon stood up. It was a touching tribute to Matt.

I thought to myself; that¡¯s something Matt would do. __________________________________________

I¡¯m so sorry for your loss. For our loss. Although it¡¯ll be impossible for me to attend Matt¡¯s Celebration on Thursday, you¡¯ll be in my prayers. Jon, stay strong.

Melissa - -4602 days ago
His Smile

Though his smile is gone forever,
and his hand I cannot touch,
I still have so many memories,
of the one I miss so much.
His memory is my keepsake,
with which I'll never part.
God has him in His keeping;
I have him in my heart.

You will be forever missed.

Kelly Keene - -4602 days ago
Laurie and family,

I am so very sorry for your loss.

My hearts and prayers are with you and your family.

Nicki - -4602 days ago
I want to send my deepest sympathies to Laurie and the Bienert family. My heart goes out to you all. I never knew him well, but to lose another classmate just saddens my heart. I send my strength to those who need it. I am truly sorry for your loss, Laurie, as well as the Bienert family.

Bob & Joy Gartshore - -4602 days ago
Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings. Sunward I've climbed and joined the tumbling mirth Of sun-split clouds--and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of-- wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov'ring there,
I've chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air.
Up, up the long, delirious burning blue
I've topped the windswept heights with easy grace Where never lark or even eagle flew.
And, while with silent, lifting mind I've trod
The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.
John G. Magee, Jr.

Jennifer - -4602 days ago
Matt was such a beautiful human being. He was the sort of person you meet and who makes you smile simply because he is there.

I remember the first time I met him, with my friend who was his float plane instructor. He was just another one of Tom's students. That was, until he walked in to the little local restaurant at the marina on Shawnigan Lake, and just lit up the room.

Anyway, Matt was following Jason who had just returned to New Zealand. He had been the most charming fellow, and had been around longer than usual trying to complete his hours because of uncooperative weather. So when Matt arrived, I was not too anxious to "break in" someone new. But in walked this captivating young man. He was gorgeous, and with a smile that could melt steel. You couldn't help but love him. Over time we spent a lot of time talking about his hopes and dreams and about his love of flying.

I didn't know him as well as I would have liked, but our community is grieving. He will be missed. Oh will he ever.

You have really earned your wings now Matt. Have a safe flight.

Waste'wi - -4602 days ago
I met Matt through Jeff, Mike, Christian and Andy while we were all students at UND. He was a gentle spirit, so warm and genuine, always grinning. Let us honor his memory by living life to the fullest. Thank you for a wonderful friend :) May the Creator lift you in this time of grief and sorrow. I'm so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Bob-o - -4602 days ago
As any of you know, Matt was a bit of a sleepwalker. Not once, but twice I awoke to find the redhead asleep in my bed next to me. Both times all I got was a smile and "This isn't my bed!". Classic Bean-o.

Judy Martin - -4602 days ago
My memories of Matt start back in grade 1 and that mischievous little smile that melted your heart no matter what he was doing in class. Laurie, my thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time as you try to make sense of this tragedy. I will always remember Matt's. " oh come on, please, Mrs. Martin." My deepest condolences go to the entire Bienert and Sukovieff family.

Marc Menzies - -4602 days ago
Matt was a true friend. When I learned of Matts death I was devastated. The first thing I thought of was his laugh...I'm still hearing it, I will always hear it.

I've known Matt since junior high but never became good friends until after, while we were both attending MRC. The bond we created in those years will last a lifetime.

We shared many good times and I will always remember what a truly amazing person Matt was. He always had something positive to say and he lived that way as well. He stayed true to his dreams no matter what got in his way, he either bulled his way through it or found a way around it. I don't believe that many people have that skill-set. The world was a better place with him in it.

He was one of those friends that you always felt close to no matter how far apart we lived. It had been a while since I last spoke to I wish I hadn't waited.

Unitl we meet again buddy...

My deepest condolences go to the Bienerts and the Sukovieff family.

Tina Thompson - -4602 days ago
I ache when I think of what you are all going through. Matt is intertwined in so many wonderful memories for all of us, and I have never seen Laurie as happy as she was with him.
Matt will truly be remembered by everyone who knew him and that is a testament to those who loved him and raised him.
Laurie...we're with you...

Jared Adams - -4602 days ago
I managed the marina in which Matt flew from in the summer. Always noticed that he was an exceptionally hard worker and very devoted to his work. He always had a smile on his face and had a very happy easy going personality. He will definately be missed around the marina in the summers. I would like to say it was an honour having met Matthew and wish the family all the best in the future.

Andy - -4602 days ago
I had the fortunate experience of being Matt's roommate at UND for almost two years. We shared a lot of good times during that time period. Matt was super mellow, but yet suprisingly vibrant. Such a colorful and magnetic person. It was always great to see Gailene and Neil, such nice people. It's been maybe a couple of years since I last talked with Matt, but he's the kind of person whom one could not forget. That smile and chuckle of Matts, is one that I will always remember.

Dr. Volinder (Wally) Dhesi - -4602 days ago
This morning as I read through the newspaper I saw the face of old friend. I haven't seen Matthew in over 13 years, but instantly I recognized that smile. I rode the bus with Jonathan and Matthew for 4 years in Springbank. I had many fond memories of Matthew and Jonathan, especially of having them at my Birthday parties. Matthew was a caring, great hearted individual. I regret not seeing Matthew lately, and I will always remember what a great person he was. I look forward to going home tonight and looking through my photos to share with everyone of Matthew, myself, and all our friends from Springbank Middle School. My sincerest condolences the parents, family and friends of Matthew. God Bless.

Jennifer - -4602 days ago
I'll always be grateful that I got the chance to meet Matthew while at UND. He was an amazing person in many ways. My deepest condolences go out to all the friends and family of Matthew Bienert.

Doug & Trish Biggs - -4602 days ago
I remember Matthew primarily from elementary school and sports, both his and Jon's as well as Tasha's. We remember his smile - certainly; the twinkle in his eye - absolutely; but most of all we remember his kindness and respect - not only to adults, but to everyone around him. He was in the truest sense of the word, a gentle-man, even as a little boy. Our heartfelt sympathy to all of you.

Dion Beier - -4602 days ago
Beans.... I'm having a really hard time with this buddy. I don't even know where to start. I'm going to miss you. I still don't think it's really hit me, like it's just a bad dream. I can't believe we won't see that smile again. How is it up there? I know you're looking down still grinnin with that 'Bean Bag' smile. I'll never forget all the talks we used to have. All the BBQ and drinkin at your place and Querido's. Our trip we took when we TRIED to make it to the San Fran coast but got weathered in Montana. You showing me around UND campus. I remember coming down there in my jeep and I was so excited to show it to you with the top off...cause you knew how much I loved Jeeps. How about the Fox and Ferkin, The Embassy, Bermuda Triangle, The Palace. How bout Molly Malones(?) in Kensington. Man it was great partying with you buddy. I always felt tougher being with were always there for the boys. wouldn't hurt a fly if you didn't have to. You always took school so serious but it took me just looking at you to crack that stiff look on yer face. Ha. I'll never forget Burts class with you. And ya, that big project!! I so gotta get together with Querido and check that out. I will never forget all the frisbee too! Or how bout the house boating or the cliff diving. I'll remember that warm embracing hug/hand shake you always had. I'm so proud of you buddy. The hurdles you overcame, and with such positive attitude yet. From almost losing you once before (and then possibly your arm) to actually getting your medical back as well as a job! That's just crazy to think. Every time we met, it was just leaps and bounds for you. You always seemed to have it planned you had done this before. You were such an inspiration to talk to and only ever had good things to say about people. I'll never forget either Tash's convocation when we were sitting on your stairs there and you told me how you found God. I've never had anyone tell me that before. I'm just really glad you did.... I guess it just makes things sink a little easier. I remember how proud you were of Cloe too! I don't know if she'll remember you but I was always so happy to tell you about her just cause you cared so much about her.

I love you buddy and I know your in a better place doing much better things flying much nicer planes. And I know you'll be there when I'm lucky enough get that big job too! You always had such faith in me. You were like a brother to me. The Red will be sorely missed. Peace out my friend and be welcomed by the Lord!!

Chris Martin - -4603 days ago
My deepest condolences for Laurie and the Biernart family. No matter what, Matt always made me smile! You will be missed old friend!

The Gibbons Family - -4603 days ago
Laurie...we are so terribly sorry for your loss. We only met Matt a few times, but we knew there was something magical about him. Infact, after the first christmas get together that he attended at your mom's (before you were married) both Keith and I commented after on how "this new guy Laurie is with is like the nicest person we have ever met". We can only imagine the sorrow you are feeling. Please know that our hearts and thoughts are with you. We love you very much.

Keith, Kim, Madeline and Carter

Boyce Muirhead - -4603 days ago

Thats what you used to call me when we would see each other. Like many, our memories start young. You and your brother and I instantly became friends when I started at Springbank in grade 4. I remember going to your B-Days, and feeling so 'cool' to be friends with the Bienerts.

Matt you hold a special piece of my heart. I could go a couple of years without seeing you, and instantly pick up where we left off. Never a hand-shake, always a hug. You are the warmest guy ever. I remember the night you and Laurie connected. I'm glad I can always have that memory.
I wish we could have spent more time together, but it is what it is. It would be a lie if anyone who knew you said they didn't look up to you.

On behalf of me and my family, we would like to send our condolences to the Bienert Family, Laurie, and all his friends. This summer we have lost a few great men. It gives me a sence of calm and relief to know you never lived life alone, nor will you in the afterlife. Your spirit and smile will live on forever.

Rob, Kelly & the kids - -4603 days ago
It is with great saddness that we have to write this. We only had the pleasure of meeting Matt a few times and never really had the opportunity to get to know him. However, from those frew meetings we knew what a great guy he was and how happy he and Laurie were to be together. Everything we have read about Matt on this amazing tribute website makes us realize that we truly lost out by not getting to know him. Our hearts go out to both families, especially Laurie. Your inner strength and your great memories of your time together with Matt will get you through this tragic part of your life. Take care of yourself, Matt wouldn't want it any other way.

Ted&deb Clement - -4603 days ago
matt and laurie to us were a perfect match. both in love with life .
deb an i have a saying an they were two that fit the bill.
they belonged to the getter done club.
It is not just appearance or lifestyle that makes a person. thier attitude and openness to life .a quality both matt n laurie shared together.
i had the pleasure of working with matt for the summer an in that time i found him to be an exceptional young man. who knew what he wanted in life an was not afraid to go for it.
we only hope that all the memories he an laurie experienced will help her through this time of saddness.
also knowing that all her friends are there for her an to support her in any way they can. deepest sympathy to both families .matt will be sadly missed, love ted &deb

Betty & Larry - -4603 days ago
WE only met Matt once. That was on their wedding day and I think on probably the happiest day of his life. He seemed well suited for the young lady we had watched grow and become the confident and lovely person she is. Laurie you and Matt looked so happy.
We can not express our sadness and pain for you at this great loss. We also want to extend our sympathies and prayer to both sets of parents and to the extended families of sisters and brother. We pray that God will give you peace as you try to work your way through what lies ahead.

Kenton Cornelson - -4603 days ago
Although, I did not take the time to really know Matthew. I can feel his warmth and presence just by looking at the pictures and thinking about stories I have heard. If Matthew touched my soul, I can only imagine the joy those close to him must have experienced. Matthew you will not be forgotten.

Deon Querido - -4603 days ago
Hey Little Brother,
where have you gone...before we had a chance to reconnect...before we had a chance to talk about the days at and me and our secret method of getting through speech class...was it gin and mountain dew...and then after class we'd hang out and laugh and just kick it for the afternoon...I always liked Wednesdays at MRC because it was our day to hang out together...met class - 2 hours of Dar - and then speech class and then whatever...
and the project...remember the project that we did with Beier...some late nights at your house...I still have it, I think...and then we knocked off for the night and had a rum I think and I read you the first chapter of Fate is the Hunter out loud and then handed you the book to read yourself...remember that...and remember Tasha's party, and your old uncle who flew Liberator's off the coast during the war...and all the laughs we had that night...and remember when we went flying...we took off out of Springbank and my damn window blew open just after takeoff and scared the shit out of both of us...remember that, how we laughed about it after...and remember that great game of frisbee that you and me and Beier played out on the grass behind the college and how we couldn't wait for the exams to be over and then it would be summer...and remember that night at the gym on 37th St when we both went over 3 plates in the squat rack.... remember how great we felt...

thanks little Bubba for all the fun times, all the great workouts, all the flying, the studying, the cooking eating and drinking, the laughs... all the laughs...thanks for the lovely way about you, the peace, the wisdom beyond your years...
I will miss you more than you will are forever with me Matt...and on those special peaceful evenings when all the cockpit lights are down low and there is no noise on the radio and noone is talking and when we sit there looking at the stars and the milky way set in a moonlit sky above a perfect cloud deck...on those special nights Matt, I will think of you...and you will be with me...

Auntie Norma & Uncle Cliff - -4603 days ago
In the very short time that Matt was part of our family we felt his gentleness and kindness that made Matt so special to us all. Matt brought such joy to Laurie's life. He was her soulmate and friend and will be sorely missed. God be with Laurie and both families in this time of sorrow.

Chad W - -4603 days ago
Not knowing Matt very well since high school I was not sure what to write but seeing his pic on the front page made alot of memories pretty clear. I dont think anyone else carried a positive attitude and smile on there face more than he did.

Sorry to those who were close.

Steve, Amanda & boys - -4603 days ago
In the short time we knew Matt, we will always remember his contagious smile and his kind and gentle nature. He was so good with kids, as I remember him holding our newborn baby on his wedding day to Laurie. His love for Laurie was inspiring to us all. May you rest peacefully in the arms of God and be forever rewarded in heaven for your kindness towards others.

Bob Whitefeather - -4603 days ago
I knew Matt by many monikers; Matty, Bean, Bean-o. But he will always be known to me as one of the best friends I had or will ever have. And even though I haven't seen him in a few years, I can still vividly remember the first day I met him as well as the last time. These memories make me smile while I cry. Not tears of sorrow but tears of the joy that was the time I spent as his friend. I am truly blessed to have known such a wonderful person and be counted among his friends. I will deeply, deeply, miss you.

I love you brother,

Michael Clark - -4603 days ago
I can't imagine the pain sadness that Matt's loved ones and friend are facing. Please if its of any consolation, know that your family loves you and is thinking and praying for you.


Jeff - -4603 days ago
My heavy heart and prayers go out to everyone who knew and loved Matt. I was a friend and flight instructor of Matt at UND, and I will sorely miss the times we spend as friends and partners in the air. He was truly a genuine and lovable soul that everyone was drawn to.

Heidi - -4603 days ago
I haven't seen much of Matt in the past few years, but I will never forget what an amazing person he was. He could make a whole room more at ease with just his presence. He is a true angel.

Denise Nelson (Trika's mom} - -4603 days ago
Words cannot express my deepest sympathy to Bean's family and friends. The name "Bean", is one I remember Trika speaking of often while at UND. I only had the priviledge of visiting with Bean a few times, however, once you had met him, you could understand why so many people will miss him terribly. He was here but for a short time, but his friendships, and accomplishments, will outweigh what many only dream of.Everytime I see a plane, I will think of Bean, and how he is now, soaring with angels.

Meg, Steve & Tristan - -4603 days ago
Our hearts are full with the unwavering kindness, joy and beauty that Matt has given to this world. These gifts, like his incredible smile, will never fade.
We'll miss you Matt.

Adam - -4604 days ago
I found a poem that reminded me of Matt...


Because I fly
I laugh more than other men
I look up an see more than they,
I know how the clouds feel,
What it's like to have the blue in my lap,
to look down on birds,
to feel freedom in a thing called the stick...

who but I can slice between God's billowed legs,
and feel then laugh and crash with His step
Who else has seen the unclimbed peaks?
The rainbow's secret?
The real reason birds sing?
Because I Fly,
I envy no man on earth.

— Anonymous

alannah pasychny - -4604 days ago
although i didn't get alot of time to get to know you matthew,from the short time i was around you i could tell you were an awesome, good hearted person..i know you will be deaply missed by all,and you will always be in my heart in peace...

The Saunders - -4604 days ago
Our prayers and thoughts are with you Laurie and to the Sukovieff and Bienert families, We can not express how much our hearts ache for you. We will remember Matt for his bright smile and easy laugh. May God Bless you all during this time. Love Chris, Sara, Anna and Maggie

Cara - -4604 days ago
As I write this I am reflecting on the warm, gentle spirit and compassionate individual that was our Matt. We instantly embraced him into out family because he made it so easy to love him, to care for him. We are so proud of his flying accomplishments, despite all odds, and of the husband he was to my little sister. Matt and Lauren have an amazing connection, a love beyond explanation. Our prayers and love are with the Bienert family and our little Laur as they struggle to find meaning in this tragedy. We will remember Matt for his beautiful smile and for the fact that he made us all better people for having known him. I love you, Laur.

Tess and Steve - -4604 days ago
-A little message to Laurie- We're thinking of you a lot. We care about you and are so sorry. Matt was a wonderful person and we only wish we could have gotten to know him better. We send our love to you from Tess, Steve, Kohen and Tyla.

Christie - -4604 days ago
Matt was the warmest person I have ever known. He had an incredibly positive and caring outlook on life. What I loved most about Matt was the way he loved my big sister and best friend. Matt celebrated Laurie everyday they were together. He made her shine in a way she had never before. You look up the words "love" and "passion" in the dictionary and you would find the names Matt and Laurie. What he brought to our family cannot be put into words. Thank you Matt for all that you were to Laurie. You are an inspiration in more than a million ways. For the rest of my life I will remember and cherish your smile and your one armed hugs.

Dean and Paula - -4604 days ago
We will remember Matt for his warm smile and the twinkle in his eye! He and Lauren made such a wonderful couple and we were so happy that she found him. Although we did not know him for long, we are grateful for the times we did have with him and will never, ever forget him!

Jerry - -4604 days ago
So hard to put memories of Matt into words. Everytime I think of something it leads to something else. All I can say is that he was a great friend and I only wish we were able to get together more often in the past years. He had so much more to give to his family and friends and will be missed. New Orleans is Sinking........

Trika - -4604 days ago
I don't even know where to begin....I could write a book about all my adventures with Matt and our friends during our college days. He had a way to make everyone smile, and touched everyone he met in one way or another. Bean would always steal quotes I had on my wall, and the very first one he stole was Kahlil Gibran-¡°When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.¡± And the best thing about Matt was....he always knew when you needed a hug. I will miss him deeply!

Joshua Skimmings - -4604 days ago
My Uncle Matt was the best. He was also my Godfather. When I was born he picked out the most stylish little sneakers for me. The three and a half months that we were in each other's lives will stay in my heart forever. I hope that I can smile as much everyday as Uncle Matt did.

Toby - -4604 days ago
I got a call from Jonathan last night saying that Laurie thought it would be good idea to create a site to celebrate Matt's life. What a great idea I thought, and cobbled to together what I could this morning. I encourage everyone to forward this link to people they know and post your pictures, songs and thoughts so we can all share in what made Matt so special.

He will be deeply missed, but you just know that he would want everyone to think of the good things, to look at the happy side of his life. So I encourage everyone to upload some photos so we can see that smile of his (actually, you'd probably be hard-pressed to find pictures without it), and share your memories and well wishes.