Post songs you shared with and remind you of Matthew
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Hugs Mom & Dad - -3840 days ago
Song: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Starting All Over Again

Love Mom - -3843 days ago
Song: Steve Bell - Psalm 90
Matthew I know you would love this artist. It reminds me of you and speaks to my soul.

Love Dad - -3843 days ago
Song: Steve Bell - The Lord's Prayer
Dear Matthew - this song "The Lord's Prayer" is truly an inspirational Prayer based on the Scriptures of the Holy Bible as written in Matthew 6:9-13.

Kenton Cornelson - -3877 days ago
Song: Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama - There Will Be A Light
Another song by Ben Harper. It's easy to see why Matthew liked him.

Jenny - -3925 days ago
Song: Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
Happy Anniversary Laurie & Matt!

Kenton - -4360 days ago
Song: Flogging Molly - If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Matthew, I still think of you often. This song gave me goose bumps so I decided to post it. Our loss is Heaven's gain.

Jonathan and Lani - -4444 days ago
Song: Coldplay - The Scientist
Missing your beautiful presence...

Lani - -4444 days ago
Song: Saybia - The Second You Sleep
Your birthday is coming up soon. We all miss you so much. I can't help but think of you when I hear this song...

Christie - -4533 days ago
Song: Lion king (broadway) - He lives in you
We still feel you all around us Matt. We love you.

Melissa Poliquin - -4545 days ago
Song: Dixie Chicks - Let him fly
I will let you fly. XOXO

Melissa Poliquin - -4578 days ago
Song: dave matthews band - wild horses
I miss you buddy!

Brian - -4583 days ago
Song: Shaggy - Hope
I don't know if Matt liked Shaggy or not but this song means a lot to me. My wife and I went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and were hooked on Shaggy. We loved his music. When she died with my daughter, this is one of the songs that got me through my days. It still does. Heaven is full of beautiful people. We just need to take care of ourselves until we meet up again.
Brian Bews MRC Aviation 97-99

Kenton - -4591 days ago
Song: Robert Plant | Alison Krauss - Your Long Journey
Another special song

Jenny - -4600 days ago
Song: Willie Nelson - Blue Skies
Unfortunately I never got to hear Matt play the guitar but I'm sure like everything he did, it sounded brilliant!

I heard you like Willie Nelson Matt. I thought you'd enjoy this one because I know you're flying somewhere right now...

Christie, Craig, Cara, and Pete - -4600 days ago
Song: U2 - Walk On

Christie, Craig, Cara, and Pete - -4600 days ago
Song: Damien Rice - Delicate
We had some great times with Matt and we know he enjoyed great music! This one's for you, Matt!

Jeff Thomas - -4601 days ago
Song: John Mayer - St. Patrick's Day
I was listening to this CD today and it made me think of Matt - then I come to find out the song titled St. Patricks Day. Cheers Matt!

Kenton - -4601 days ago
Song: Johnny Cash - Farther Along
I believe this song offers hope.

Melissa - -4602 days ago
Song: Norah Jones - Come Away With Me
For Laurie:

Come away with me in the night,
Come away with me, and I will write you a song,

Come away with me on a bus,
Come away where they can't tempt us,
with their lies.

And I want to walk with you,
on a cloudy day,
in fields where the yellow grass grows knee high
so won't you try to come,

Come away with me and we'll kiss,
on a mountain top,
Come away with me and I'll never stop,
lovin' you.

I want to wake up with the rain fallin' on a tin roof,
while I'm safe there in your arms,
So all I ask is for you,

To come away with me in the night,
Come away with me.

Jennifer - -4602 days ago
Song: Josh Groban - Where You Are
This song is for Laurie, and for all who will continue to carry Matt with them in their hearts for ever.

Kelly and Ben Laird - -4604 days ago
Song: Xavier Rudd - My Missing
Another one. No one says it better than Xavier.

Kelly and Ben Laird - -4604 days ago
Song: Xavier Rudd - Solace Amongst the Sin
This is a really beautiful song from one of our favorite artists we wanted to post for all of us who are left wondering "why?". There's nothing that'll ever be able to sum up what everyone's going through right now but music always helps and we think this is a good start.

Toby - -4604 days ago
Song: Ben Harper & The Blind Boys of Alabama - Take My Hand
Matt used to play this for Mrs. Bienert and she wanted it to play whenever you come to the site.

Toby - -4604 days ago
Song: Bright Eyes - Bowl of Oranges
Whenever I hear this song, I would think of Matt, and now more than ever. He told me about Bright Eyes and thought I'd like them; he was right, and ever since, this song would remind me of him -- the upbeat tempo and happiness just seems to personify Matt.