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Christie - -4583 days ago
I was holding off on this story, with concern of hurting the feelings of the other people involved. However the other people are Laurie and my Husband Craig; they are both pretty easy going and find just as much humour in this as Matt and I did. When Craig, our kids and I were visiting Matt and Laurie in Nanaimo, after a few nights Matt and I discovered that we shared a similar disturbance preventing a restful nights sleep. One morning as we were bleary eyed and sipping our coffee, we decided to bring up the subject of how through the bedroom walls, Matt could hear a similar snoring sound coming from the my room as he heard in his very own room. I as well commented on how at first you might have thought it was an echoe, but soon realized both My husband and Laurie fell victim to the "lovely dreamland" accompanied by snoring. But who were the real victims in this case. Matt and I decided we needed to start a support group for the spouses of snorers. Matt, little did you know this is a support group for life. Every night as I am tossing and turning I am sure you are smiling and giggling. You will always offer support......... and you know what? the sound of snoring isn't that bad anymore, in fact I kind of like it. Maybe your optimism is wearing off on me, only you could see, and show me the good side of snoring.

Wade - -4585 days ago
This is one story of Matt that literally, I cannot forget. One evening after a night on the town, we ended up back at the Bienerts house. This was normal protocol, for something to eat, a night cap, and of course a place to sleep. This evening started out like many others before, a snack, a whole lot of joking around and of course a midnight boxing match! Well to put this into perspective for those who might think Matt and I were crazy, it was typically fairly tame with a few ground rules, such as stop if you think were gonna break any furniture, stop if Abby gets in the way, and no hitting below the belt, or above the neckline. We had a great match that night it seemed to last forever, good contact and I don¡¯t think either of us had any wind left, either from the exercise or having it knocked out! All was well until I found myself cornered in the kitchen, I didn¡¯t have a lot of moves left so I ¡°Zigged¡± and Matt ¡°Zagged¡± and shortly thereafter I found myself with a broken nose and a shirt full of blood. I can still remember Matts concern and feeling of guilt as he hovered over me for assistance. After a few chuckles and a hand up, we knew it was just part of the fun! But we recognized we still had a problem¡­.my nose was on my right cheek. So Matt feeling responsible offered to straiten it. You have to keep in mind I have a lot of trust with this guy¡­¡­ SO I agreed to it! Moments later I had a bottle of painkiller in front of me, something to bite on, and red headed guy in front of me that said ¡°hit me if you need too!¡± Let me tell you there was so many times while he was straightening my nose I wanted to wind up, but instead, when I could not see for tears, we would take a break, have a swig of pain killer, which buy the way I realize now Matt was not in pain??? Then back at it, it must of took 10 or 15 tries to get it set right, and of course once we thought we had it, I would look in the mirror and say ¡°does that look straight to you?¡± Then Matt would look at it and say, ¡°well I think it could go a little more left¡±.

Then next morning, my bloody shirt was clean and ready to wear; there was a feast on the breakfast table, and Matts parents anticipating our arrival with grinning faces. ¡°So how was your night last night boys?¡± Said Mrs. Bienert, and I could tell she knew this would be interesting!!! So Matt and I told them the story over breakfast, we all must have laughed about it for an hour, and I still do to this day¡­¡­..It puts a grin on my face and reminds me how strong our bond was¡­¡­..I still owe you a broken nose though Buddy!!!

Bob Whitefeather - -4593 days ago
One of the last times that I was in an airplane was with Matt. He wanted to go up to gain some more air time and asked if I wanted to go with, and as a fellow pilot, I said "Of course!". He was performing practice maneuvers in a rented 172 when he asked if I'd ever done a spin. Since I'd only trained at UND, we weren't allowed to do spins, at least not in the Pipers that UND had, so I begged him to do a couple. I don't think that I'd ever been so exhilarated in all of my life! Matt simultaneously scared the crap outta me while giving me the biggest thrill of my life. I will never forget that moment. I think that was the only time that my smile was bigger than his!

Jenny - -4601 days ago
I'll never forget this one time when Laurie and Matt were driving Adam and I back to Adam's house so I could pick up my car after being in Edmonton for the Grand Prix. I realized when we were almost there that I had left my car keys in my bag in my dad's car so we had to arrange to meet them. We had a little time so we decided to go get something from 7 Eleven. Matt got a slurpee and he passed it to Laurie and said "guess what flavour this is!" So she took a sip and tried to think of it and then for about 5 minutes afterwards we all were trying to guess what flavour slurpee Matt got. I can't remember what it was in the end but I can remember laughing the whole time!

Bob-o - -4601 days ago
This story, for me, will be the "end all" stories I have of Matt: One time, when we went to the Edge (a popular bar in Grand Forks) , me and Bean had just sat down at a table when this girl came up to us and handed him this napkin with a handwritten message; (I have to paraphrase this) "Dear Hot Guy, you are the hottest guy we have ever seen, blah blah blah, this world is better is a better place for having you in it" The last part is what I remember the most. "The world is a better place with you in it" Although these persons didn't know it at the time, that phrase was true to form. This world is and shall be a better place with Matthew in it.

Corbin - -4602 days ago
A story that makes me laugh each time I think of it is my trip to Fishing Lake with the Bienerts. Mr. Bienert, Matthew, Jonathan, and I were on a canoe style boat fishing. We weren't having any luck so as we got restless Matt and I started throwing seaweed and other debris at each other. The tension continued to escalate and before we knew it we were throwing the worm dirt at each other and whipping each other with our rods. Finally we met in the middle of the boat and it turned into an all out wresting match, with Jonathan and Mr. Bienert on each end of the boat trying to keep it from tipping.